Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Day to Franklin NC - Saturday May 9, 2009

We had planned a weekend camping trip to Western NC Mountains with a couple visits to the Gem and Mineral Show (always lots of beads)! We had reservations at Van Hook Glade campground and were looking forward to a great weekend - but the weather had other things in mind. Friday we had storms and even a tornado warning so did not leave. Saturday am was not great but we left with enough gear to stay or not stay the night depending on the weather. Trip over to Franklin was pleasant with only a few sprinkles but no sunshine. We got to Franklin and ate lunch at the City Grill - OK but not great. We then made our way through the huge vendor tent - Ben looking for a star sapphire for his dagger and Jane searching for the beads on her "list" so she can get back to beading. We found some of the things on the list including some nice amazonite beads to go with the turtle Ben cast in silver over the winter.

About 2:00 there was a huge storm - the sound on the roof of the more than football field size tent was staggering! Wind and hard rain for about 15 minutes and then it was gone. We finished our shopping and left to find the Sprinter in a muddy lake parking lot! We decided to drive back home and not stay in what would be a VERY wet campsite. We will miss our dinner in the Thai Restaurant in Franklin - one of our favorite places.

Coming through Ashville we searched for the River Arts District. Thanks to the GPS and maps Jane had found on the internet we looked around for a while. There are a number of galleries in old buildings but none that peaked our interest. We drove on home arriving without any further rain storms.

No photos - Jane forgot her camera and there was no sun!

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