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Memphis TN
October 14, 2011
Photos later....

Today was a lazy morning for us.  About 10:30 we left for our visit to the Mississippi River Museum on Mud Island. The day was absolutely perfect with temperatures in the 70’s and not a cloud in the sky. Mr. Brit directed us to the Museum and then we had to find the parking lot that would admit our height on our own.  The ticket included round trip on the monorail and the museum. Turned out it was a pretty good deal since it was $9 and if you bought the museum along on the island it was $10.  The monorail was interesting as it was on an overhead track. The trip over is short but impressive.
Monorail to Mud Island

We headed for the museum first and it presented the most comprehensive history of the river transportation, flood control, political situations, and agriculture of the lower Mississippi we have seen. It put everything we have heard and seen to date together very well.  There was a mock-up of a steam boat that included the engine room, a stateroom, the cargo hold, the pilot house, and the ballroom. It was very well done and gave you a real feel for being on one of the steamboats.
 Two sided of depicted stateroom on steam boat

They also included a portion of the history of the Civil War related to the Mississippi River – they had a mock-up of the inside of a Union Iron Clad Boat and the inside of the fort at Vicksburg.  What a difference.  The final portion of the museum covered the history of music as it related to the river. I feel this will be expanded upon significantly over the next couple days as we visit Sun Records and the Delta Blues Museum.
After the museum we searched for somewhere to eat lunch. The only place to eat was a small snack shop with 3 offerings – nachos, a hot dog, or a pizza. All were straight out of a package. None were very appealing but we had nachos and will eat a good dinner.

After eating we went out to explore the “Mississippi River Model” The model was 1 foot of the model to 1 mile of river. The model covered the Mississippi from Cairo to New Orleans – the portion known as the lower Mississippi. The major cities were depicted as well as all the twists and turns of the river. The depth and width of the river as well as the flood plains were included.  Children were having a ball splashing around in the water. The end in the gulf was depicted with a large pool with paddle boats to rent.  There were more people here today than anyplace we have been but it was obvious by the eating options and no one available to rent the paddle boats that it was well past the peak season… but what a beautiful day to be here!
My three observations – Lake Ponchetrain is much larger than I had thought, the river gets deeper the further south you go, and we still have a LONG ways to go!
 Along the "Mississippi" Model on Mud Island

We found our way back to the monorail and then the Sprinter. We were tired so headed back to the RV park for some relaxation along the river…well for some of us…Jane did the laundry but I must say it was one of the most pleasant laundry days I have ever had. Relaxing in a chair watching the tows go by and getting a little late summer sun. 

About 5:30 we headed out to find Central BBQ. Voted #1 BBQ in Memphis by several groups we felt we should give it a try. We found it with no difficulty and ordered ribs, slaw and home-made potato chips. The ribs were very good – we are not experts but they are the best we have eaten in a long time! I would certainly recommend it to others.

 Stain Glass at Central BBQ

The Tom Sawyer RV Park has been so convenient to getting on either I40 or I55 and we are in Memphis in 10 minutes. The free laundry was exceptional. The only down side has been difficulty for Jane getting on the wireless internet. Finally got on this afternoon and got most of one days blog posted and was kicked off  - since I had not published it I imagine it was lost.  Just not up to dealing with it tonight so I am writing today; walking along the water under the full moon; and going to bed!  

Tomorrow we head for Sun Studios and then head south – maybe not very far if we decide to visit the casinos in Tunica.

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