Monday, June 24, 2013

DELMARVA for a day

Saturday June 22, 2013

Our plan for today was to enjoy camp, take in the Seafood Festival at Tinghman Island, maybe look around St.Michaels (Gatlinburg by the sea), and then find another restaurant to enjoy seafood for dinner….It is now 9:00 PM and we did all we expected !

Jane cooked breakfast – had to remember how to cook the eggs and had not made coffee in the Sprinter since we had to buy a new pot in Hunting Island last fall….got it all figured out. We enjoyed a nice quiet morning at camp. The slightly hilly campground loop has about 30 sites well spaced. Jane walked it in 10 minutes but not sure of length as phone was charging…All sites are wooded. The bathhouse is in the center of the loop and is barely visible through the woods. We noticed the campers are split about evenly between the large family size tents and RV’s of various sizes. There are more tents than we usually see.

2 campiste Tuckahoe St Pk

There is no WIFI – 3G on phone varies from 1-3 bars and is slow – but it keeps you connected. When we get out to a main road it is much better.

About noon we left for the 24 mile drive to Tinghman Island. The Seafood Festival was definitely a community thing – run by the Volunteer Fire Dept. They had crafts, t-shirts, stickers and lots of food tents. We enjoyed a band that sang songs about the Eastern Shore Rednecks, watched the crab races, and enjoyed splitting a crab cake sandwich and a soft shell crab sandwich. Both were good. Ben enjoyed viewing the work of a St. Michaels silver smith. He found a bracelet design that he wants to try out for selling at the shop in Abingdon.






After enjoying the festival and doing some people watching we drove down to the dock and looked at the Skipjack Boats. Not many of them are still working today. We continued on to the end of the island where there is a small naval observatory. Driving back through town we luckily just missed the Volunteer Fireman Parade as we must have passed a fire truck from every fire dept on DELMARVA.

We stopped and viewed the fishing boats including several Skipjacks – evidently a dying breed of working sail boat.  They were offering 2 hour tours but we passed that by. We drove to the end of the island where a US Naval Lab is located.  As we came back we had to wait for the draw-bridge was up for several sail boats to pass.


Back at camp we relaxed with good books and about 6 got ready to head out in search of Harry’s – Virtual Tourist’s 2nd best restaurant in Denton that is about 8 miles east of us. It was a super great restaurant in an old house that reminded Ben of the house he lived in during his years at NC State. The food with a French twist was great – the best by far of this weekend. Ben had more crab cakes – Jane had seafood crepes with crab, shrimp, and fish. We both had a cup of very rich cream of crab soup. Everything got a star rating!!!

Harry's in Denton

Back at camp Jane wrote up the blog and Ben watched another movie. We can truly say we are on vacation!!!

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