Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Port Angeles – A day to regroup

There is little to report on today – this is the first day our our trip that we went almost no where! 

Port Angeles - at end of street is huge pile of logs

We returned to the Olympic Park Main Visitor Headquarters hoping they might have passport stamps for the locations that were not open.  No luck so I got a page to write a complaint on and ask for someone to send me passport stamps to put in my book. We watched the movie which did have some great views of the park. 

We ate lunch at the Cottage Restaurant – salad for Jane and soup for Ben.  Then ran a few errands – some rolls for tomorrow am at 5:30.  Ugh we have to be about 2 blocks from our hotel at 5:45 for a 6:00 bus to Seattle. The bus runs each day – 3 hours and will drop us right at the AMTRACK station.  We are going to find it interesting to compare the two train systems!

Second stop a gas station – if you returned your rental car without filling the tank you paid $9 a gallon for them to fill it!  Pretty good incentive.

Then Ben dropped Jane about 3 blocks from the hotel so she could look around in a few downtown shops.  Ben turned the rental car in and we both walked back to the hotel.All the clean clothes – I did laundry again today- are packed away ready to travel.

We ate dinner at Jasmine Bristo the Thai place we went last night.  Was going to take good photos but failed!  Main course was Coconut Fried Rice and Snow Peas, Mushrooms, and Pork in wine sauce. Great dinner.
Spring Rolls and Crab Butterflies
It WAS Lemongrass Creme Brulee

 I said not much to report!  I am told there is WIFI on the Empire Builder – our AMTRAK train from Seattle to Chicago. If no WIFI I will post when I can about the last part of our adventure.

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