Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Assateague State Park to Kiptopeake State Park - June 18 Thursday

Pouring hard rain greeted us when we woke up – enough to keep us in bed for a while. The rain on the roof and the flapping of our TN flag let us know the weather was fairly bad. We have had rain a couple of other nights but none in the daytime. We finally got ourselves up; Jane tried to make coffee but charging the computer all night had eaten up our electric battery power so no coffee! Should have charged the computer as we drove – just did not remember we had to conserve for this one night with no electric. So we took down camp – which did not amount to much since we had not connected to power and had not put up the tent.

We plugged in our next campground in the GPS with a mid way stop at Chincoteague and were ready to stop at the first coffee spot we found. We found a Dunkin Donuts about 30 miles down the road in Pokomoke City, the last town in Maryland and got some coffee. We drove out to Chincoteague and visited the beach and several sites. The surf was very rough and the sky still very threatening although it has finally quit raining. The trail to the lighthouse was closed so Jane had to settle for a shot from the bridge. Since this lighthouse is in a forested area – that may be the only way to get a good shot.

Chincoteague Light

We stopped by a Comfort Inn in Chincoteague to check email and so forth. Then we headed on down the Eastern Shore looking for a seafood truck or shop to buy something to cook for dinner. We found a guy with shrimp, scallops, crab, and clams….bought ½ pound of shrimp and ½ pound of scallops for $7 total. We arrived at Kiptopeke Campground about 2:00 and since we will be here two nights and it might rain we put up the tent. Nice flat campsites with electricity, water, and cable TV.
This campsite is probably ¾ full. The same was true of Assateague last night. It really appears we could have found spots everywhere we have been so maybe the reservations were not necessary. From what we hear from everyone the season is getting a late start this year.

Campsite at Kiptopeake State Park near Cape Charles VA

Old Ships sunk as a break at Kiptopeake State Park

Our supper was great – shrimp scampi on rice and lightly breaded fried scallops. We investigated a little and this campground has a nice beach, fishing and crabbing area, huge playground, and several hiking trails. Ben will crab tomorrow, Jane will explore several shops she saw on the way in today and the village of Cape Charles. Depending on Ben’s catch we will have steamed crabs and/or fish.
Today we realize we are on the way home – two nights here, one at First Landing in VA Beach, and then a night a Jeff and Robin’s in Durham. The time has gone by very quickly.

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