Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cape Lookout to Lum's Pond - June 15 Monday

Drum Point Light

Cove Point Light

We left camp a little later than planned – 9 AM and drove to Lexington Park where a McDonalds was supposedly located – this one did not exist and as we drove on down the road came to where the new one was being built. We tried a Days Inn for WIFI – secure site. Stopped at a Starbucks – they had it but you had to get a card and password to use it on line! Well we enjoyed the coffee! Then we found a Comfort Inn and were able to connect and Jane uploaded the blog for 3 days – did not take time to do photos this morning so will add them later.

We headed on to our two lighthouses. Jane had to drive over a very high bridge over the Pautuxet River and was as nervous as driving along the Columbia River in Washington State. High above water with very little guard rails! The first lighthouse, Drum Point, was incorporated into the Calvert Co. Marine Museum. It was one of the octagonal type. Jane got a photo but not a perfect one as we were not interested paying to see the entire museum just to take one photo. We found the second lighthouse, Cove Point, and got a good photo there. The Chesapeake Bay is wide along this section and there was another petroleum terminal – this time natural gas. We continued up Route 2 to near Annapolis stopping in Prince Frederick at a Walmart for Ben to get the duck tape and something other tool he could not get at Target yesterday.

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore

We continued on to join up with I 95 to I 695 around Baltimore. We crossed the Frances Scott Key Bridge and thank goodness Ben was driving now. It was very, very high over the Baltimore Harbor. About 15 minutes after Baltimore in the midst of a downpour we had to make a sudden stop due to traffic ahead. We did fine but there was a 4 car wreck behind us that Ben saw in his rear view mirror. I did not actually see it – all I saw was the empty 4 lane freeway behind us. We continued on and in about 20 miles came to a very nice rest area. Two gasoline vendors, about 6 food vendors including Phillips Seafood! We headed for the picnic area and had our crab from Saturday with cocktail sauce and crackers – umm, umm good! We saw an interesting group of monks at the rest area traveling in a van with California plates. Long way for that many guys in a van!

Monks at MD Rest Stop

We continued on up I-95 – into Delaware. We had now paid tolls of $2 for one bridge; $5 for another bridge; and paid $4 to get on the Delaware Turnpike – then the GPS voice says take the first exit for your destination. Our campground was probably ¼ mile into Delaware! If we had only known we could have gotten off one exit sooner and saved the $4!

Lum’s Pond is a lovely campground. The campsites are widely spaced around a circular meadow. There are big shade trees throughout the area. We had set up the screen tent under a tree and can pull the Sprinter right up beside it. We have electric here and water a little way down the road. Since we have the tank of water in the Sprinter we really do not need it right beside our site. Across the road is a view of the pond which is fairly large and there are many birds around. I would imagine there are 10 other camping units here. Only 10 – 12 of the 70 sites have electricity so I would assume that is why the others are not filled. Most people want power these days.
We have researched the Winterthur Museum for tomorrow – it is 15 miles. We are eating Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches for supper tonight. Jane did a little research on the best locations before we left home and Capriotti’s it is….there is one only 5 miles from here! Time will tell but it had good reviews. Tomorrow night our plan is to find Little Italy and a restaurant there.

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich from Capriotti’s was great. The one close to us in Middleton did not have much eat in area so we brought it back to camp and ate the whole thing! We then sat around camp and explored Lum’s Pond Park. Jane did some clean-up of the Sprinter.

We read for about an hour until we heard what we assumed was helicopters. They seemed to be going back and forth, very low, over the pond, campground, and surrounding area. This continued getting very loud and then fading away and then returning for over 2 hours. At several points we looked out but all we could see were faint lights through the trees. Ben called 911 that said they were probably medical transports. Finally at 12:19 according to Ben – I have to admit I finally fell asleep –they left.

Lum's Pond Campground, Bear DE

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