Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jupiter FL to Savannah GA

The drive was boring but certainly with clear skies...

Wednesday March 10, 2010

We enjoyed breakfast and reading a paper for the first time since we left home. I have seen the posts on Times News On-Line every day but that is only local news. It did not look like much had changed on the national level in the almost 2 weeks we have been on the road. We were headed north by 8:45 and again listening to a book on CD – this one by James Patterson - Judge and Juries – we had heard it before but remembered only a little of it as it progressed.

The miles clicked by with nothing much to view – I am sure if we were over on US 1 or US A1A it would be interesting – but much slower to be sure. Jacksonville looks like an interesting town – maybe we will stay there one year when we make the trip south. We stopped for gas and lunch along the way.

We arrived at the La Quinta in Savannah at 3:30. Ben took a nap. I tried to take care of all the gifts that had accumulated in Farmville over the time we have been gone. Then I walked a couple blocks down to an outlet mall just to get some exercise. I wonder how the place stays in business as I was the only customer in the 6 or 7 shops I went in to look around. I really was not in a shopping mood and did not want to try on clothes so just looked around. I think the colors for spring are nice – of course if they have coral or turquoise I always like them and there is lots of coral this year.

I had narrowed the restaurant choices down to 2 – Huey’s and Johnny Harris – looked up the menus and let Ben choose between them. We took off for Johnny Harris. Driving in Savannah always seems like a challenge and I guess it is all the moss hanging in the trees that makes it look so eerie.

Garmin did a good job though and we arrived in about 15 minutes. The specials here were Ribs and Fried Chicken – it has been operating as a restaurant in Savannah since 1936. The dining room is definitely unique – a huge round room with wooden booths separated by heavy wood paneling ringing the entire room. There are also tables in the center of the large room but primarily the booths were used. I had been debating between the ribs and chicken but when the waitress came to inform us it was Lobster Wednesday – whole lobster, corn, potatoes, salad, bread, cheese spread and drinks – all for $18 – we were sold! It was very good and it was only appropriate we finish off the trip with another night of seafood. We had not had lobster since we were in Maine more than 10 years ago. I remember we had lobster 3 times on that trip and I did not think I wanted any more for a while….it had been a while.

Remains of our Lobster Dinner

The recommendation to go to Johnny Harris came from David Little a Red Cross friend from Birmingham who once lived in Savannah and had eaten there many times. He said he had never been served bad food. Thanks David for the recommendation, I will go there again and maybe have the chicken or ribs!! You can always find recommendations on the internet for restaurants but I found my Face Book friends did a great job of giving me their personal recommendations this year.

We made it back to our room without any problems and will watch American Idol and read. I of course want to finish this blog entry. Not much exciting to report for today.

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