Saturday, March 6, 2010

Long Key State Park Florida

Wednesday March 3, 2010

We woke up with sun streaming in the back windows of the Sprinter. It is cool but a long sleeve shirt is all we need. Drinking coffee looking out on the peaceful ocean is definitely a pleasure. There is a stiff breeze but the tent over the table provides a pretty good break. We rode bikes and read this morning – can’t say we did anything else. I fell off my bike and skinned my knee and must have bumped my side on the handle bar as there is a sore spot…nothing serious. There are some interesting shells – different from last year so I am thinking about what I can do with some of them. A good 30 minute bike ride takes you to the end of the campground and back the other way to the park entrance. Good exercise. Tomorrow maybe I will try riding down the other way in the park to where a nature trail is through a mangrove swamp.

After lunch we drove 12 miles south to Marathon for some groceries and bait for Ben’s fishing tomorrow. I bought shrimp and will make spinach shrimp enchiladas for dinner tonight. Tomorrow will be fish night – either Ben catches some or we will go out and buy some. Marathon has a library somewhere that in another day or two I will try to find if I can’t find internet access on Long Key.

The spinach shrimp enchiladas were great if I do say so myself. The wind was quite strong and the temperature in the high 50’s so we cooked and ate inside which is a challenge with 26 inches of counter space! However it is workable and I do not have to do it very often. When you are flexible you can do about anything with a good electric skillet!

We read, played games on the computer and I worked on a project for the United Way. Now I really have to find internet to post this and send off my work. We set the heater on low for the night and it came on off and on during the night.

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