Sunday, September 25, 2011

Durham NC to Hurricane WVa

Sunday September 25

After a great breakfast and some last minute construction play we left Durham headed back east across NC and north into VA. The weather was certainly an improvement over Friday but we still had rain off and on and heavy rain and fog as we cross the mountains on I77. Good thing we have an interesting book for entertainment. A new activity for this trip will be sending Daniel a post card so he can track our travel through the numerous states we will visit. I think our stamps are a penny or two short so will have to find some additional postage to add come Monday!

 Fog and Rain as we cross the mountains

In Wytheville we stopped for gas, lunch,and found a post card all at one place! From Wytheville we headed north towards West Virginia on I77.  We were hoping we might see some leaves turning and they were just beginning to turn in VA. A very nice rest area in provided a lovely walking location and the photo below of leaves. 

VA Rest Area on I 77

As you continue north on I77 two tunnels make the drive much less difficult than it would have been some years before as the area traverses a remote area.

First of Two Tunnels on I 77
After the second tunnel we entered West Virginia, the WV Turnpike and $6 in tolls between the state line near Beckley and Charleston. The drive was pleasant without too much traffic. It was obvious WV is very much a coal mining state. Many billboards in support of clean coal , opposed to new EPA regulations, lots of coal trucks parked here and there (it is Sunday) and even barges carrying coal down the Kanawa River.

The State Capital building in Charleston was bright gold and certainly stood out among the rest of the rather drab buildings that made up the city wedged between the mountain/interstate highway and the river.

WV State Capital in Charleston

Continuing on to Hurricane about 30 miles west of Charleston we found our planned stop about 3:30. It was a bit earlier than we usually stop but with the first portion of our trip behind us we stopped, caught up on the internet and straightened up the Sprinter. Traveling and stopping in motels will be our plan for these first few days of our trip. When we reach MN we will begin our camping adventure and slow down the pace significantly. Dinner was at the China Chef - the #1 rated restaurant in was a good Chinese buffet with a variety of entrees and a very reasonable cost of $10.  We drove into the town of Hurricane very surprised at the new construction and nice homes. Not what we had expected. We found a Walgreens for a post card and the post office. Then Jane had to relearn posting the blog as the site has been upgraded since our last trip... after learning the new procedures it is MUCH more user friendly and easier to post the photos.

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