Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kingsport to Durham NC

Friday September 23 and Saturday September 24

We are off on another adventure! We will be exploring the Great River Road along the Mississippi River from the headwaters in MN to the Gulf of Mexico. But before we head north and west we are going east for a couple days. We had a quick visit with our son's family in Durham NC and attended a reunion with Ben's NC State college friends.  Unexpectedly we had hard rain most of the 4 hour drive from Kingsport to Durham with heavy fog over the mountains.

Pilot Mountain is hiding in the fog!

We stopped in Kernersville for some BBQ for lunch. The BBQ was not as great as we had remembered it but the hush puppies were great!

 Prissy Polly's BBQ in Kernersville NC

We had a great visit with Jeff, Robin, and Daniel. Building with Lego's and Tinker Toys, and eating some great food. It is always interesting to see a 5 year old change from one visit to the next.

Dan and Grandad discuss where we will be traveling and I try to read him an old comic book,

The reunion was fun and we had the pleasure of observing cotton fields with the cotton in all the stages from bud, to blooms, to the boll forming, and finally the cotton puffed open. Since it had rained for two days the usually puffy cotton was a little droopy but it was still very interesting to see all the stages of its development.

 The bud
 Bloom is white when it opens
Bud turns dark pink as it dies
The pink flower turns into the brown boll (lower) and 
then the cotton pops out (upper)

The reunion was held on a farm near Wilson NC; where the family had been farming the land for over 150 years.  It is always great to hear these guys who spent time living together in the 60's retell their college adventures! They have enjoyed a get together each year for the past 10+ years and seem to enjoy them more as each year passes.

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