Monday, June 11, 2012

Shamrock TX to Van Buren AR

Monday, June 11, 2012

We left Shamrock and Texas and spent the entire day crossing Oklahoma on I 40. The morning was cloudy – the first clouds other than a fluffy white one every once in a while we have seen in weeks. Other than the snow we had in Yosemite the weather has been of varying temperatures but always with blue skies!
Our one stop for the day was in Clinton to visit one of the Route 66 Museums. There were several across Oklahoma but this one was our choice.  It explained about the construction in the 20’s; it’s role in the migration of many west during the depression; the explosion of travel during the years right after WW2; then the decline and removal of Rt. 66 when the Eisenhower Interstate System was completed; and then the rebirth of the historic highway.  It was well done and very interesting.

Ben had this type drink machine in the house he lived in during college. It was his job to keep it filled.

1930's photo of the cafe/gas station in Shamrock - see yesterday's blog

First trucks used on Rt. 66

Evidently lots of these signs in the 60's and 70's
 Somewhere a little west of Oklahoma City we passed the area where the Chislom Trail crossed I 40….we saw the beginnings of the Chislom Trail when we were following the Butterfield Trail south in Texas.  The cattle were driven north along this trail to market.

The miles clicked by as we are finally finishing a Jeffry Deaver mystery we began several weeks ago and had been so busy with our travels we had never finished it!  Lunch was at a rest stop somewhere along the way. We crossed into Arkansas about 4:30 and decided to call it a day in Van Buren. 

Dinner was at C&C Catfish House. We usually eat fish at least once a week at home and often when eating out – but this was the first on this entire trip!  It was good – before you were even settled they served you slaw, pinto beans, hush puppies, and excellent green tomato pickles. Then came the entree you ordered.  I give them a thumbs up!

Our plan is to drive to Jackson TN tomorrow and then home on Wednesday.

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