Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Van Buren AK to Jackson TN

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

We crossed Arkansas on I 40 today and continued into Tennessee to Jackson.   

The most exciting part of the day was mid-day somewhere before Forest City AR when some something caused a huge back-up of traffic on the interstate.  First there were several flashing signs that said accident ahead. Then the back-up of traffic began; after a couple miles we came to an exit. Many of the big rigs were getting off and the map showed US 70 following along south of I 40…so we followed along.  We passed by lots of rice, cotton, and corn fields. There were large ponds which we assumed were catfish ponds.  The small towns were not really towns just crossroads - very rural area. When I looked for nearest food or gas on the GPS it was usually 10 miles to anything!  The traffic was heavy but at least it was moving if slowly. The interstate was a standing still parking lot!  We came to the first road back to the interstate after 10 miles – the big rigs were going further so we go too – this time 13 more miles.  Then we got back on the interstate – traffic is moving on our side going east but there is backed-up traffic bumper to bumper going west.  We had even stopped in an empty parking lot to eat lunch before getting back on.. Easy an hour we were off the interstate, probably more. When we stopped In Forest City Ben spoke with a patrolman in the parking lot about the traffic back-up.  The patrolman said it was construction and had been awful for several weeks. So it remains a mystery – usually construction is not on both sides of the interstate and why would the flashing signs have said accident?  Guess we will never know.

Got to Jackson about 4:00 – glad we had missed the end of day traffic in Memphis.  We had dinner at a very good Italian place – Old Town Spaghetti Store. Our Chicken Piccata and Manicotti with Creamy Garlic Sauce were both very good.  

We better get home tomorrow! We need clean clothes and haircuts!  

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