Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back to the Good Ole USA

Up and began putting everything back in the suitcases  - ready to get on the road!

We walked around the corner to a small cafe and had a good breakfast.  Ben had scrambled eggs, bacon and toast and Jane had something they called Eggs Bennie.  This place is small and has 6 breakfast choices – all $10.  Simple!  The Eggs Bennie was an english muffin, slice of sausage, poached egg with a orange chipotle hollandaise sauce.  It was good!!

Eggs Bennie
We left our luggage with the front desk and headed over to the museum for the IMAX show on the Vikings.  I learned some world history and even Ben learned a thing or two!  Hope our next long trip can be to Newfoundland to see the landing site of the Vikings in the new world.  The gift shop was nice but we did not purchase much – limited space you know!

Included here is a photo of the British Columbia National Christmas Tree and a statue of Queen Victoria. The grounds were getting their summer planting of annuals today as well as numerous school groups having the class field trip and picnic.

Queen Victoria and over 100 year old tree

Flowers, School class and Christmas Tree

We were planning to have “High Tea or Afternoon Tea” as our last activity here in Victoria.  After considering several locations we selected the Gatsby Mansion. We were seated at a small table on the porch of this lovely Victorian home overlooking their lovely garden.

View from Gatsby Mansion Porch

We selected our tea and enjoyed the first course of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and heavy whipped cream along with some biscotti.

First Course
  Then came a three tiered tray filled with all kinds of goodies.
So Many Goodies
 One level was savories – prosciutto and cheese on small croissants, cucumber sandwiches, pate, salmon with dill – all were excellent and tasty!  The second level had hot blueberry scones with butter, honey, and a sweet tart preserve.  The final level was filled with sweets – key lime tarts, chocolate mousse, and a sweet filled cream puff. All delicious! It was certainly a fun treat – maybe I will have a tea party to celebrate something !  Jenny and I have the tea cups for a large party from Ben’s grandmother!

One of Numerous Stain Glass Windows - Home built in 1897

After returning to the hotel to pick up our luggage we headed to the COHO ferry terminal. It was only about 1 1/2 blocks so we were there and waiting for the customs officer about 2.  The ferry pulled out exactly at 3 PM.  The crossing was smooth except for about 20 minutes when we had to cross the current.  The wind was high supposedly bringing in the bad weather. Some large waves even sprayed the people outside on the deck!  The crossing took 90 minutes from Victoria, British Columbia  to Port Angles, Washington.  Good to be back in the USA!!!  No dogs or inspections at all – just showed passports and answered a couple questions.

Good to see USA - low building along land is our hotel Red Lion

We had again selected our hotel for location. Two blocks from the Ferry terminal and with a coin operated laundry!  We were even able to upgrade to a water view for $10 so here I sit typing the blog looking out at a beautiful water view.

After a quick supper here at the hotel -  Ben is doing the laundry and will call me when it is ready to dry and I will take over from there and dry and fold.  Good division of the work! I took this photo of some snapdragons outside the door of our hotel - I can't believe the flowers here - their weather is much warmer than I had anticipated. There is a really stiff wind though - think I will be getting out the rain jacket tomorrow for wind.
Snapdragons at Red Lion Inn

Bad news for the day is we just received an email from AMTRAK that our Seattle to Chicago train is canceled – no reason just to call…so we will have to deal with that tomorrow.  Surely there will be someway to get back home! Remarkably so far there have been absolutely no glitches.

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