Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fog, rain, and miles and miles

Not a very exciting day.  Rain began about 5 minutes after we got in the Sprinter and continued for most of the day.  We drove through Hagerstown on the National Road which we traveled last summer.  The houses are right along the road and probably looking much as they did over 100 years ago.

We were back on I 81 and within about 20 miles were crossing into PA.  The scenery consisted of very nice looking dairy farms and soon we were entering the mountains.  The Appalachian Trail crossed the interstate but we missed seeing any signage.  Through the mountains we not only had rain but also fog so we can’t really say much about them.  Good thing our book on CD was very interesting!  We did see coal mining or what was coal mining.  We also saw some evidence of natural gas collection. 

Once in a while we could get a clear view.  We stopped for a quick lunch somewhere in PA.

About 2:00 we arrived at the NY state line and stopped to pick up a map.

Syracuse was only about 90 minutes north so we arrived at our hotel, checked in, and drove to the airport where we left the Sprinter in Long Term Parking.  The Comfort Inn courtesy van picked us up and returned us to the hotel. We had a simple supper – Jane pizza and Ben – chicken wings.

Tomorrow promises to be a long day so we are resting and watching some TV tonight.  The courtesy van will take us to AMTRAK tomorrow morning, we will leave on the Maple Leaf AMTRAK for Toronto. Then at 10PM tomorrow night we leave from Toronto on the Canadian.  We will have internet on the trains we understand but time will tell whether this blog is posted tomorrow or not.  So far so good!

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