Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Long Key Day 2

Long Key State Park, Long Key FL
Jane was up about 8:30 to catch up on the log but Ben slept until well after 9:00. We loafed around camp this morning reading and walking up and down the beach. Jane collected lots of small pieces of what looked like white coral. Ben thinks it is a type of grass that is growing out in the water and becomes covered with salt or something from the water. It is hard and if we can drill small holes in them it will make a pretty unusual necklace. We read books, ate lunch, and walked on the beach some more. We did not move the Sprinter today. Ben took his snorkel and mask and went probably 200 yards out into the water and saw fish, a lobster, and huge sponges. The guy next to us is a big fisherman and finally now that it is 9 PM at night is catching a fish. It was a beautiful lazy day. The accomplishments are entry of probably 30 recipes in Master Cook; gathering the “coral”; cooking a fairly decent dinner – my success was baking, frying egg rolls in the electric skillet; cleaning up the Sprinter; and finishing my Nevada Barr mystery- set on Isle Royale (about as far from here as you could be and be in USA). Ben’s accomplishments were reading, transferring his life history of birds from his old to new bird book and his venture out into the ocean. Most of all we just did nothing and went nowhere. It was interesting to watch the ships at sea. We saw several what we assumed were cruise ships and at least one freighter. Tomorrow we will explore this park and find a place with internet if possible. I plan to buy some shrimp and make scampi.
Well the guy caught a shark that was probably 4 feet long. I did see him but Ben said he let it go. There is a full moon over the ocean and it is beautiful. Now I will download the photos and off to bed to read.

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