Saturday, March 7, 2009

O'Lean State Park Gainesville FL

It was 24 last night so we were glad we were warm in the Comfort Inn. We left about 9:30 after Ben was able to complete his report from yesterday’s inspection and email the photos and fax the report to his office in Miami. One funny from the inspection yesterday was Ben had asked the woman several times if she had a fax machine so he could send his report since we would not be returning home. The answer was always yes, she had a fax machine. When he was ready to leave yesterday he asked again and she showed it to him – she did have a fax machine but it was not connected! So the report went in today!

We started down I 75 and turned on our Book on CD and listened until we crossed the FL line where we bought gas and stopped at the Welcome Center to fix our lunch. They had WI-FI so Jane tried again to There is much history regarding the early settlers and how the land mass between the two sites was a main road for travel and trade. We took a 1 ½ mile hike along the river to the spot where it goes underground and then back the other side. There is a swinging bridge to cross back to the park. It was built by the CCC in the 30’s and there is a statue to commemorate their work in this area. We saw an alligator and numerous turtles sunning on logs in the river. The most interesting thing was an armadillo who was scratching around in the brush near the trail. We were not sure what it was and walked over very close – maybe 3 feet away and got a great photo.
We got camp all set up. Listened to the ranger who came by to say we were going to have a freeze tonight and wanted us to leave the water dripping. I can believe it might be 32 but freeze the pipes – I doubt it! We will be having lasagna I brought from the freezer at home and garlic bread for supper. Then Ben is going to try out his HDTV antenna that he developed – time will tell if it works. We have books to read if it doesn’t.

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