Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Myakka to Collier Seminole

We packed up camp easily after our travel day breakfast of bagels and cream cheese. The tent came down and packed up quickly, neither of us could recall how to do it or how long it took…..but it was simple. The internet was working at the camp store so we spent about an hour downloading mail and posting as needed. The world had been going just fine without us! We were on the road by about 10:30. We got on I 75 and headed south – taking back up where we were 3 days ago on our CD book. Down the road about 50 miles there was a terrible traffic back-up. Several miles over the long bridges in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte the traffic was backed up 3 lanes deep. When we finally got to the end to find out what was wrong. It appeared a huge metal bridge section had fallen off of a train car right beside the interstate. There were 4 or 5 cranes in one lane of the interstate trying to recover the bridge section. A few miles further down the road we saw one of the huge metal bridge sections installed. I guess their construction schedule is a bit behind!
We ate lunch and stopped for gas and watched the scenery go by. There was nothing very interesting since we did not go over to the coast. When we got to Venice we turned east on the Tamiami Trail (Route 41) which will take us across the state to Miami and Homestead where we turn south to the Keys. As we approached the camp we were behind a large camper. A large hose began falling out the back, the further we drove the more hose that came out. Ben flashed his lights and honked the horn but the guy never caught on. By the time we were at the Campground it was in shreds – I guess he was on his way back to a wal-mart or such to find a replacement!
The campground is full so it was good we got the reservation. We have the campground hosts on one side of us. They are from Indiana and are here from November to April. They mostly keep the bathrooms clean, sell wood, and pick up around the camp. They work 4 days a week. They have a huge bus size motor home. On the other side of us is a Webelos Den of Cub Scouts. They are having a great time but is sure is not quiet. We had read, I entered some recipes in my new Master Cook program, and had dinner. At 7:30 we will go over to hear a ranger talk on building the Tamiami Canal and Road. Ben bought a new “Bird Book – Peterson’s of course and is transferring all his notes from his old one to it. The old one is falling apart – probably 50+ years old and well used. He is complaining because some of the names of the birds have changed! Tomorrow morning we leave fairly early so we can get lots of time on the ocean at Long Key.

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