Friday, November 13, 2009

Del Rio TX to Laredo TX

November 12, 2009 Thursday

The morning was spent drinking coffee, watching Fox and Friends (not much though as it is over at 8 AM here), downloading photos as Jane had 4 days worth on the camera and is saving them by day to keep track of them by location. We also made a stop at the Wal-Mart as we left town. This was one of the nicest RV parks we have ever stayed in – in fact we considered staying an extra day – but will save that for an extra day at the beach!

Broke Mill RV Park

The trip south and east to Laredo was rather boring. It was 240+ miles of flat farm land, a few small towns with the only one of any size Eagle Pass with 20,000 people. There was an area where every ranch grew pecans. We stopped and bought 5 pounds which we will have the joy of cracking when we get home. Ben really wants to make a pecan pie. He has been trying for years to make one “just right”.
We stopped at a picnic spot for lunch and passed through an area with oil wells again. There were two border patrol stops before we reached Laredo. One of the boys from Ben’s old scout troop works for the Border Patrol in Laredo but we did not see him at the stops. They are well equipped with all sorts of vehicles, dogs, and camera equipment. We have our passports so have not had any problem at any of the stops.

Border Patrol Stop

Laredo is the largest inland port in the US with numerous trucks entering everyday with goods from Mexico. We passed one of the largest Truck Stops that Jane had ever seen. It had at least 100 tractor trailer trucks parked around it if not more. We passed around Laredo on the north bypass to find Lake Casa Blanca State Park where we are stopped for the night. We have a nice site and are doing nothing this afternoon. Jane is catching up on two days of the blog since she listened to music instead of writing last night! Tomorrow morning we will visit a fort, church, and a museum in the old section of town before we travel further east. The temperature is 88 and we will see what the night has in store for us. The humidity is back up in the 60% range so our heads are feeling normal again.

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