Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fredericksburg TX

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We got a late start for the day. First must give a compliment to this RV Park – Fredericksburg RV Park – it is very nice with really more as far as hookups than we need. The big rigs need water, sewer, electricity, cable – all we really need is electricity and cable TV is nice, of course we love it when they have internet and this one does – in fact for the 100 sites here they have 7 different radio sites (that is what they call them) to select from and I have even been able to upload photos which is a first other than at the hotel in Houston. The best thing is their bathrooms – most have a communal room with showers, toilets, and sinks – all in separate areas – this one has 7 or 8 private bathrooms with toilet, sink, and shower all in one small room – really nice! Of course most of the folks in the big rigs do not use the facilities of the park but we do. They also have a large community room with kitchen facilities and TV. From glancing around at the license plates this location has some snow birds in residence for the winter months.

After a slow start we headed into the Fredericksburg downtown area – we are only 1 mile away – and our first stop was the National War in the Pacific Museum. This is the hometown of Admiral Chester Nimitz who served as Commander of Pacific during WW II. Ben had this high on his list of locations for this trip to TX. It was very nicely done with a section on Nimitz life, a section with memorials to all units serving under Nimitz, a memorial to the 10 US Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to George HW Bush who served in WW II. I had not realized each of these men had a connection to this war but they did. There was a Japanese Peace Garden and then probably the most interesting section was a tour through scenes of various WW II Pacific scenarios – an aircraft carrier, a PT boat (one of only 9 remaining ), a temporary graveyard, an assault on a Japanese occupied island, and a Quonset hut hospital. All were very informative and interesting. The largest section of the museum is under remodeling and renovation and will open on Dec 7th with George HW Bush cutting the ribbon to dedicate the Bush Wing of the museum. From the little bit we could see in the windows it will be exceptional. We have a part of our ticket that will give us entry if we can come back!!

National Museum of Pacific War

Japanese Occupied Island WW II

We spent some time walking on the main street and looking in a few shops. We ate lunch in Winslow’s Restaurant – a hamburger for Jane and soup & cornbread for Ben. Then some more looking around in shops with even a few purchases made!

We drove out to Fort Martin Scott on the edge of town. It was used for only a few years during the 1850-1860 time period. Then we returned to town to visit the Market Platz. They were preparing for the huge community holiday celebration this weekend. The Vereins Kirche is an eight sided church that was used by all denominations in the early days of this settlement. In the Market Platz a multi-level German Pyramid about 30-40 feet tall. It was quite impressive. The other decorations in the town were very tasteful and are even more impressive at night.

Vereins Kirche in Fredericksburg

German Pyramid

After a short rest and email check back at camp we headed to Llano which is 39 miles north of Fredericksburg. Jane had read an internet site that listed the top 10 BBQ locations in TX and this was one of them – Cooper’s Olde Time BBQ. It was a pretty drive as the country here is hilly with trees that are green and red. The first thing you did when you arrived at the restaurant was to select your cut of meat from the bbq pits. They had 8 of them that were probably 8 to 10 feet long. In the cooker were brisket, turkey legs, sausage, prime rib, sirloin, chicken breasts, ribs, and huge pork chops. We selected brisket, sirloin, and a pork chop. This was put on a tray and you took it inside to where it was sliced and weighed. Then you could select potato salad, slaw, peach or apple cobbler, corn on cob if you wanted them. Then you got drinks, a white paper to eat your food on and you paid. In the huge dining area were drinks, sauce, beans, jalapenos, pickles, and white bread. Everyone sat down at the communal picnic tables and ate their food.

BBQ Pit at Coopers Olde Time BBQ Llano TX

The meat was outstanding with the pork chop and brisket the very best. We knew we would have some leftover – planned it that way… you really did not need any sauce at all. We wrapped up our leftovers and drove back to camp. The meat was well worth the 78 mile round trip and we can’t say that about any other food we have eaten!
We will head out tomorrow morning for San Antonio as we near the end of our trip.

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