Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mustang Island

Monday November 16, 2009

Today was going to be a down day – rest from traveling as we are ½ through our trip. We got up to stiff winds and very gray skies. We turned on the TV weather to find out a front was passing through and the cloud cover should be gone by early afternoon but the winds would remain through the day and night.

Our Campsite at Mustang Island State Park

We had a slow start morning with Jane making toast and then frying the bacon she brought when cleaning out the refrigerator at home! Making biscuits was just out of the question since cooking partly outside was impossible in this wind. The news said the wind at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi which is about 10 miles from our location was 35 MPH. The winds were 20+ in most locations in the area.

After breakfast we drove north on the island to Port Aransus to see what was there and find some shrimp for supper. We found it and looked around in several shops and galleries. One gallery had several multi-media pieces made from numerous sand dollars. Never seen anything like them – the sand dollars were strung together in patterns by fishing line. Very unique. Another shop had very nice high end Mexican pottery. There was lots of looking and no buying for us today. If the weather improves tomorrow we will come back this way when we leave tomorrow; if not maybe we go back through Corpus Christi since the only way off this island to the north is on a ferry.

We went back to camp for lunch. After lunch Jane spent time reading and Ben napping. Mid-afternoon we ventured south little way in the park to the beach camping sites. No one was camping here, in fact the road was covered with sand, they were pumping water out of some ponds that had formed inland due to the high water they had here in the recent past.

Sprinter on Beach at Mustang

The wind was blowing the sand across the beach in waves; there were a few birds, many jelly fish, and some assorted trash washed up on the beach after the storm. We could see 15 oil platforms in the nearby gulf. After walking for about 30 minutes and taking a few photos we started back to camp.

Ben Walking on Beach

Sandpipers and Heavy Surf

We noticed numerous P34 planes flying over (well Ben knew they were P34’s) today. Jane had photographed an orange Coast Guard helicopter early this morning. The news tonight said a Navy plane from Naval Air Station Corpus Christi was lost and they have been searching for it. Today they found it but were unable to recover it due to the high winds and poor visibility in the water. That explained all the air traffic.

There are Canadians camped all around us. The folks next to us have the map on the side of their camper that Jane has been wanting. We hope to stop at a few camper stores in Houston and San Antonio to find one. They have never come out of their camper when we have seen them to ask where they got theirs.

Jane cooked a rather ambitious dinner tonight – rice with lemon shrimp with green beans, squash, onions, and water chestnuts. It was very good. Another quiet night of blog writing, photo editing, reading and TV. We also have been reading the travel books to determine what we will do in the Houston area. There is a Chili Cookoff on Saturday and we want to visit the USS Texas and the San Jacinto Memorial. Ben will visit 3 of his inspection clients and Jane wants to do some looking if not shopping. We also want to go to Galveston for a short time.

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