Sunday, May 8, 2016

Friday May 6 SeeBee Museum and along the coast

..Slept until almost 8:00 and were up to cook some breakfast and pack up for our drive into Gulfport to find the SeeBee Museum. The GPS would not take the address Jane had gotten from their website.  Ben finally found one for the Navy Exchange on the base and we started off…the gulf coast is calm and peaceful and seems to be completely rebuilt from the total Katrina destruction.  We drove into Gulfport and took lots of turns to end up at a gate onto the base that would could only allow military people to enter.  We knew there would be forms to fill out, security checks etc. so we followed the perimeter fence several miles to the main gate and the ID building where after about 30 minutes we walked out with the proper credentials for a visit to the museum. 

The major base for the Construction Battalion Command is in California and we knew the main museum was there.  The woman who staffed the gift shop explained that when Katrina hit they took most everything to California leaving very little for them to display here in Gulfport.  They did have some good photos and historical information in their one room museum.  Ben enjoyed reading about some of the projects he had been involved with during his years working for the OICC – Officer In Charge of Construction in the Philippines during the Vietnam War.

After visiting the museum and talking more with the woman in the gift shop we headed back to the coast and stopped along the gulf at a city park for a picnic lunch.  Sunny and beautiful. 

Sunshine along the Gulf 

We then headed east through numerous small towns along the gulf and through Biloxi and into Ocean Springs where we had a reservation at the Davis Bayou Campground of Gulf Coast National Seashore.  We had camped here before and it was much as we remembered it…small about 30 campsites. We set up camp.  Ben had a nap and Jane read.  

When we got hungry we headed about 5 miles inland to the Shed.  The Shed was a highly rated BBQ joint…and it was indeed a joint.  Large very old junky string of “sheds” strung together.  You ordered your food at a bar and chose your seating in an outdoor area with live music, a bayou area which was also outside along a swampy looking area, and an indoor picnic table area where you could hear the music.  We chose the inside area and before long a server found us with our food. Babyback Ribs for Ben and a pulled pork sandwich for Jane.

 Both were excellent and will get 5 star ratings!  We found our way back to camp and enjoyed a quiet evening watching some old TV shows that Ben has stored on his hard drive.  Jane also started some work on the blog – however we are unsure when it is going to get posted. This is a low tech trip – only camera is on the phone and with several campgrounds without wifi – not too sure when posting will occur!

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