Thursday, May 12, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 - Pensacola FL to Warm Springs GA

Breakfast at the Main Stay Suites was one of the best we have had in a hotel/motel.  Omlets (premade but very good), bacon, french toast sticks, hot cereals, cold cereals, waffles, all sorts of toppings, rolls, toasts, fruit, - more variety than available most places.  We had a good breakfast and got on the road about 8:30. 

Our first plan for the day was buying seafood to freeze for eating at home.  We had visited Joe Patti’s Seafood on a previous visit to Pensacola and were anxious to return.  There is a little bit of every type seafood and many other things as well – we bought Shrimp, Scallops, Flounder, Grouper, and some Royal Reds.  Royal Reds are not something we had ever had before this trip – they are not really shrimp as Jane had thought but shrimp like – taste a bit like lobster – and are from Argentina.  Jane got a directions on how to steam.  After our visit to Joe Patti’s we headed north.
Joe Patti's

This is only part of the selection

We were headed to FDR State Park in Georgia. We went straight north out of Pensacola to hit I-65 and stayed on it through Montgomery where we took I-85 towards Atlanta.  Fairly boring day with a stop for lunch at a rest area and a stop at the Tuskegee Airman National Historic Site which was right off the interstate.  Rather underwhelming to say the least – a nice parking lot, a few display boards, and an overlook of the airfield where the famous group of black aviators trained for their part in WW2.  No visitor center for getting a stamp.  Perhaps there was one at the Tuskegee Institute but it was several miles further away. 
Sign at Tuskegee

After crossing into Georgia we left the interstate and headed towards Warm Springs and the FDR State Park.  It was a beautiful area with much higher mountains than I had expected.  The park was very nice; we had prepaid and were able to select our site on a first come first served basis.  The campsites surrounded a small lake. Elsewhere there was a swimming pool, numerous hiking trails and many rental cabins. This is the largest state park in the state and was previously called Pine Mountain State Park.  Many of the permanent structures were built by the CCC during the great depression.  We are probably 10 miles from Callaway Gardens.

We set up camp, relaxed a while and cooked dinner here at camp.  I had planned two camping dinners and we ate out all the other nights….lots of great seafood for the most part …our plan for the trip!

Campsite at F D Roosevelt State Park

Other than a few barking dogs at neighboring campsites that calmed down before bedtime, this was a most peaceful campground…of course during the week not many if any children. 

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