Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Warm Springs GA to Kingsport TN

We were up, ate breakfast and were off on our way by 9:00.  We drove to FD Roosevelt’s “Little White House” where we hurried through the movie, exhibits, and house before too many school groups arrived.

In fact as we were leaving it was quite crowded. It was a very small retreat which Roosevelt built while he was governor of NY.  Security was much different than what we have today – a small sentry house for marines and another for secret service.  The house itself had 3 bedrooms, one bath, a living area, small dining area, and a kitchen.  A very small servant house was separate with two bedrooms and a kitchen/sitting room and half bath.  No way this location could house a presidential party today! 
FDR's Little White House in Warm Springs 

President's Bedroom

Unfinished Portrait that was being painted when FDR died

Artist's completed portrait - original kept and this one completed after his death

Crowd of students arriving as we left

Jane wanted to tour the Rehabilitation Facility nearby that was founded by Roosevelt as a facility to treat and rehabilitate polio patients.  We were there about 10 and took the self-guided tour instead of waiting until 11 for the guided tour.  It was disappointing but did give you an idea of what the hospital was in the 40’s and now.  With the eradication of polio the hospital transitioned to a treatment and rehabilitation facility for stroke and accident patients as well as a vocational training facility.  Today it is no longer a private operation but operated by the state of Georgia.  Most of the employees at the “Little White House” park appeared to have some sort of disability but were functioning well.  A collaboration of some sort we assumed.   

After touring the Rehab area we drove a short way to the original pool area.  The pool has been drained due to leaks in the old pool and the water flows in and out at a small area – did not seem very warm to us.  Here they did have a nice display of how the polio patients were treated – much better than what was in the rehab facility.  Interesting that neither the staff at the “Little White House” or the Rehab facility directed us to visit the pool area.  Not too well coordinated but Jane had done some research on-line ahead of our trip and knew of the various locations. 
Therapy Table in what would have been warm water pool

Iron Lung used to aid polio patients in breathing

So it was 11:15 and we were finished with our touring – so we chose to head on home instead of staying in a hotel north of Atlanta as planned.  We pushed “Home” on the GPS and headed back to I-85 towards Atlanta and on north towards home. 

Uneventful trip home – finished a James Patterson book Ben had on his phone.  Atlanta traffic was terrible but Chattanooga and even Knoxville at 5 PM were not bad at all.  We ordered Chinese food from Plum Tree at exit 35 and picked it up about 6:30 as we arrived in Colonial Heights.  

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