Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday May 8, 2016 Mother's Day

Up to find another beautiful sunny day.  Cooked breakfast and ate looking out over the reeds and the smooth lake.  The frogs that we thought might keep us up did not as neither of us heard them and we did not even turn on the air conditioner.  When the sun goes down it drops into the 70’s – perfect sleeping weather.
Campsite at Gulf State Park

Very lazy morning, ate breakfast, drank coffee, read a little news on the phone, took a shower and finally about 11:00 we drove up to the central area – camp store, pool, nature center, etc. where the internet is and Jane posted the blog for so far on the trip.  Photos not so much but they can be added in later. 

Lunchtime we found ourselves back at campsite and after eating we headed out to explore the outlets in Foley about 10 miles north of Gulf Shores.  We looked around a bit – bought a few things – some tan slacks and some pajamas for Jane.  A Skil saw, some drill bits and a pair of shorts for Ben.  Tired out we stopped at a grocery to buy water and a couple lunch items…our grocery and meal planning has been on target so far…but we knew we needed water.

Back at camp Jane read and Ben took a nap.  Talked to Jeff, Daniel, and brother Jim.   Searched for the location of a couple restaurants Jane had found on Trip Advisor…we chose Shipps Harbor Grill in Orange Beach.  It was a winner as all the reviews indicated. Located at a huge boat storage area and marina; it was a place you had to look for and was worth the effort to get out of the touristy area.

We had ½ pound of steamed “royal reds” that we had tried at the casino that were not good.  These were excellent and if available we will buy some in Pensacola to enjoy at home.  Then we split a coconut grouper entrée. It was excellent with crab, coconut and a super excellent sauce.  It was served with garlic mashed potatoes and green beans.  Splitting the entrée was perfect as we usually eat too much or take some with us. 
Steamed "Royal Reds" with garlic butter

Coconut Grouper
Only a small part of boat storage nearby

Back at camp we sat in the beautiful pink light of the sunset and enjoyed the peaceful place.  

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