Monday, April 17, 2017

Morehead City to Ocracoke

We were up at 7:00 and left the hotel by 8:00. We stopped at Mickey D’s for coffee and a planned stop at the #1 bakery in Morehead City – right on our way out of town for some fresh baked goodies – no such luck as it was not open on Easter Monday!  So we stopped at another Mickey D’s for a biscuit and we were on our way to the Ferry.  You cross through Beaufort NC and follow the coastline through several tiny villages to the Ferry Terminal about 40 miles distant.  We arrived about 9:30 – got checking in and enjoyed about 45 minutes in a rocking chair on a porch watching the ferry come in, dock and prepare for their next crossing – ours.

Glad we had made the reservation as one vehicle was left behind – not certain how many vehicles had reservations and how many were first come first serve – but it would have been a long wait for the next ferry.  They really packed us on.  I could have gotten out but it would have been a tight squeeze!  We stayed in the Sprinter and read or napped the entire 2 hour 15 minute trip.  Most of the trip was without cell signal but off and on we got signal as I got one call and so did Ben. 

The weather was perfect with a smooth crossing. Landed and drove off on Ocracoke – much as we remembered it – our last visit here was in 1998 – so it has been almost 20 years.  From Trip Advisor Jane had selected lunch at Eduardo’s Taco Truck - # one on Ocracoke.  It was super great – too many choices and it was unclear exactly how to order – but wow when they came they were fantastic!  We both had Eduardo Specials – Jane Grilled Shrimp and Ben Jerk Chicken – the special part was double tortillas and the salsa – mango, tomato, avocado, and lettuce. They came with a great green or red sauce.   One big fat delicious taco!  Eating was under some umbrellas and trees in the smooth ocean breeze. 

After lunch we drove around the island – took photos of lighthouse – it also had not changed.  The one thing that seemed to have changed was everyone was driving around in golf carts – I imagine in summer when things get crowded it would be impossible to drive and park anywhere.  Space is at a minimum for sure. 

Finally we found our lodging for the night – Edwards of Ocracoke.  We had stayed her in 1998 and it also looks the same on the outside.  Jane thinks the inside has been seriously upgraded.  Nice old one room cottage with good beds, a TV, microwave, small fridge, a couple chairs and a nice new bathroom with shower – no tub.  There is also a screened in porch with a couple chairs and lots of outside seatingtage.  There are cottages with several bedrooms and probably full kitchen.  It is an old lodging – I think has been here for years.  We would stay again – you are parked right outside your cottage.

A nap was in order and afterwards we drove around a little more, found a few shops and spot for dinner. We went to Ocracoke Oyster Restaurant.  It was only OK but certainly not bad.  We had the special Flounder stuffed with Crab.  The flounder was very good but the crab stuffing not anything special.  The stir fry veggies were excellent. 

We tried to get a good photo of Silver Lake Lagoon but it was nearly impossible with so much build up around the water.  Ben remembers a house of 7 gables you always looked for across the water – we found it but you could no longer see it with houses built up on the lake side of the road.

Back home to write up and blog and download photos – 3 days behind!

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