Monday, April 17, 2017

Good Friday and on our way to Outer Banks

We left home Friday about 9 AM and were quickly on the road after stopping at Pal’s to try one of their tenderloin biscuits.  We were comparing with Jane’s made at home tenderloin biscuits.  While Pal’s biscuits in general have improved significantly over the past – it is hard to beat the ones from home. 

Travel up I 81 was pleasant – everything greening up nicely with dogwood and redbud in bloom. We are listening to a Stone Barrington mystery which should last nearly to the beach. A quick stop at a Chick-Fil-et on the eastern side of Winston Salem and we were back on the road.  We were in Durham at Jeff, Robin, and Daniels by right after 2:00. 

Daniel has a new interest since our last visit.  When their scout troop went to spend the night on an aircraft carrier – he became fascinated with military aircraft.  He has built probably 20 Lego airplanes as well as a couple Lego airplane kits and several other purchased planes.  Along with his ever growing rock and mineral collection – it took quite a while for the “tour”.

We had a pizza supper that was excellent and enjoyed Friday night movie night with Jeff, Robin, Daniel and Robin’s Dad who was visiting with Robin’s sister Sarah….big family for the weekend!

After a good night’s sleep Ben and Daniel started construction of a model airplane kit that Grandad Ben had sent Daniel some weeks ago.  This was to consume much of the remainder of the weekend.  I believe Daniel’s favorite part was cutting things with the Exacto knives. 

We also had Easter eggs to dye as well so along with a trip to Fresh Market the day was full.   Hard to believe how quickly Daniel has grown from the little boy of 2 or 3 dying eggs to a very mature 10 year old who still wants to keep up a childhood tradition! 

I learned about cooking in an “Instant Pot” as Robin cooked an excellent meat loaf in hers.    

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