Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Trip Home

After breakfast we packed up and headed west.  The weather was nice but the wind  had changed they said rain was on the way.  There are two long bridges that back in the 60's were ferries.  One of them has a center part that slides sideways to let the boats pass through.  We got the red light and the bridge opened up for a boat to pass - always interesting to watch.

There is not much of interest on this trip back to Raleigh.  The traffic was much lighter than we had imagined so we were going to arrive in Durham much earlier than we had imagined. We stopped to pick up lunch and arrived at Jeff's house about 12:30.  We had a nice afternoon.  Jane helped Robin plant a herb garden and Ben spent time watching some WW2 movies with Daniel.

We went to a great Thai restaurant for dinner and believe it or not I had some more shrimp - Shrimp Tempura Appetizer and Coconut Soup.  Both were excellent.  Ben had Sweet and Sour Pork.

Coconut Soup

Shrimp and Veggie Tempura

We watched Memphis Bell - Daniel is really into WW2 planes - well any planes to be honest.

We enjoyed our short visit but knew we had to get home so even tho we would drive probably all day in the rain we started home after a quick stop at Trader Joe's.

And rain it did all the way except for maybe 15 or 20 minutes around Greensboro. Going over the mountains as we entered Virginia was very dense fog.

As we turned south on I81 the rain continued and we arrived safely home.  The only issue of the day was the 5th disc of our book would not come out of the player in the Sprinter...so we don't know how our mystery ends!  Hope it will come out when we get home so I can return to library.

About 6:00 the rain stopped enough to unload the Sprinter. I had hoped the rain would have washed all the pollen and tree junk off my car but no such luck - the pollen yes but not the oak squiggles - no idea what to call them - but they covered the car as well as everything else.  Guess some serious clean-up will occur if the sun ever comes out to dry everything out. 

Nice to be home - lots of laundry done, groceries bought, and mail sorted - we have recovered!  Nice short trip to get in our beach fix and see family.  Sure did not take many family photos!

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