Friday, April 21, 2017

Nags Head - extra day


Today was our extra day to enjoy the beach.  We have done everything we wanted to do with the exception of Ben really having a good kite flying success.  He got the kite up one day but not to suit him.  So our day would have a couple goals – fly the kite, enjoy the sunshine and beach, and of course eat some more seafood.

After breakfast Jane headed for the sunshine on the deck.  Ben got hung up in the room with a guy who was replacing the lock to the balcony. It was rusted and almost impossible to get open and closed.  Ben thinks this is a hotel that has been upgraded to Comfort Inn standards and barely meets them.  The windows and doors were all put in during the time he was doing curtain wall construction so I guess he should know.  Very nice service, the hotel itself has good beds, linens etc. but the basic structure is old.  Certainly has everything we need – but getting in and out that door was an issue.  I reported it and within 15 minutes the guy was there fixing it!

Ben had great success this morning with his kite.  It was very difficult to get a good photo with both Ben and the kite in it – the sun was so bright I could barely tell what I was taking….I think I must have taken 15 or so and only got 2 that had both Ben and kite! 
Ben Flying his Kite

We enjoyed our dinner last night and Ben had been eyeing the she crab soup so we went back to Miller’s for a light lunch.  Ben had she crab soup, Jane had the Miller’s Signature salad and we split ½ pound of steamed shrimp.  All was excellent! 

Miller's Signature Salad

Steamed Shrimp

She Crab Soup

Did a bit of driving around – Jane wanted to go to the south end of Nags Head – well it looks just like the rest of the beachfront with cottage after cottage.  But south from Whalebone Junction – where 58 and 12 join is nothing but cottages.  We are the last large hotel, there is a restaurant across the street and several more north of us – we are beachfront right near Whalebone Junction.  Jane kept wanting to find the Whalebone Junction sign…we finally found one that said Whalebone District.  Things change!

We visited a seafood market to investigate seafood to take home in freezer.  Not so sure it is worth the trouble – we will check in Wanchese on our way out tomorrow. 

Watching the ocean from the now shaded balcony, writing my blog, and reading will fill my restful afternoon.  Ben took a nap and will maybe get in the water.  Jane – not going to risk walking in that soft sand…would love to walk in the surf but going to skip it this time.  Ben made it into the ocean or so he says – I waited a few minutes and went out on the balcony to take his photo – I got a photo but it was of him coming up the stairs from the beach to the deck!  He says he got both feet in the water and that it was very cold.  Later looking up the water temperature on the internet it said temp was 60.

Back from the "swim"

Our last dinner was at Owen’s Restaurant.  It is an old standby here – same family has managed it for 70+ years.  It had great ratings as did Miller’s.  Well Owen’s won in every category but the hush puppies.  We had the Mariner’s Broiled Platter and split it – perfect in both food and size of serving.  Broiled scallops, shrimp, rock fish, and a cheesy crab dish that is the house specialty.  All broiled to perfection and served with a mashed potato dish and crisp green beans. The restaurant split the food for us - unusual. Usually they just give you an extra plate. Jane not realizing she would be getting the green beans , had a house salad with a very tasty poppy seed dressing.  All in all a great ending for our seafood extravanganza this week!   The hush puppies were very similar to Miller’s but Miller’s won by a hair for The #1 Hushpuppies for our week at the beach 2017!
House Salad

Mariner's Platter - half

Enjoyed a last evening on the balcony watching people get in their last rays of sunshine.  The sprinter is parked in the lot right below our room.  This it the lot that was cleared of sand this week. Over the winter the ocean topped the dunes and the sand washed down into the parking lot. There is quite a bit of wind tonight and our waitress said it was bringing 4 days of rain... glad we missed that!  We had two cloudy mornings and maybe 10 minutes of light rain. 
That Last Ray of Sunshine

Parking Lot

 Tomorrow morning we drive back to Durham and then home on Sunday.


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