Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Pahrump NV

Monday, May 28, 2012 MEMORIAL DAY

Today was a real change of pace.  We got up late, ate breakfast, watched the news, made a list of what to do today, drove to Wal-Mart and bought a few things we needed. Ate lunch and then we washed, cleaned, glued, straightened, swept, sorted, posted, wrote, checked, cooked or read everything on our list.  All done!  We are ready to hit the road again tomorrow. We head into Utah and Arizona for some adventures.

To finish off the day Jane made lemonade from the lemons Marilyn gave us from her backyard lemon tree. Mmmm good!  Thanks so much Marilyn.  Ben says best lemonade he ever had!   We do not usually have ice but there is an ice machine here. I keep water and Gatorade and beer in the refrigerator so we always have something cold to drink – just no ice. 
Mmmm Good!
This campground has everything except grass!  This is a huge blacktop parking lot with spaced marked off for the big rigs with all the utilities they need…we just use what little we need – some water, some electric, and the cable.  There is nice laundry room where I did my computer work while the clothes washed – was not planning to do laundry but Ben ended up with a lot of of his cherry turnover from yesterday on his jeans!  
Just relaxin'
It was in the high 80’s and maybe low 90’s mid day today but did not seem so warm because the humidity is so low. The sun just set and it is now 80 – within an hour it will be down to 70 and even lower into the night. We had very pleasant sleeping temperature. 

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and remembered the sacrifice of so many men and women in service to our country now and in the past. 

Old Glory Has gotten wound around the pole!

Pretty Colors

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