Friday, May 25, 2012

Mountain View and the Pacific

Friday May 25, 2012

After a great leisurely breakfast we headed out with Marilyn and Bill to explore the area. First we drove into the foothills and took a short hike along the San Andres Fault. The temperature is in the 50’s and 60’s with a VERY brisk wind. Once we were down on the side of the mountain amid the bushes there was less wind.  There were several places to see where the ground had moved in the past including one where a fence moved several feet. The foothills were beautiful with high golden grass blowing in the wind. 

Markers along the Fault Line

Ben along the Fault Line - Fence Moved this far

 We saw 2 deer, 2 quail, 1 coyote but no mountain lions. We had a nice hike but hurried back to the car and on to the beach. Within about 20-25 miles we went from Bill & Marilyn’s home in Mountain View through the foothills, to redwood forest and along the ridge of the mountains. We then headed down the opposite side of the mountains through the redwoods, the foothills, and suddenly we were at the Pacific. What beautiful views. While we had been in fog, light sprinkles, and clouds at the San Andreas Fault as we came out of the forest the sun was shining and we could see the valley floor and San Francisco and the bay. 

While the sun had come out and the ocean scenes were beautiful the wind had picked up – we enjoyed some great views, and took some photos at several locations.  Then we decided to eat our picnic lunch in the car – too much wind at 25 mph to enjoy eating outside!

Ben, Marilyn and Bill
 We headed back to Mountain View - up through the foothills, the redwoods, the foothills, and then drove to the area where the fresh water from the Yosemite Valley comes into the San Francisco Area.  Beautiful park which we only partly explored due to a wedding in front of the structure.  

Back home we enjoyed some down time, good conversation, and a great dinner. We have enjoyed catching up with friends we see very seldom. We have had a really nice visit. Thanks to both Bill and Marilyn.

We spent a little time planning our next few days of travel over the Memorial Day Weekend.  Probably should have planned this a bit better but we were just not sure of our travel plans until we got here.

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