Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pahrump NV to Kanab UT

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We had a nice breakfast and then headed out towards Kanab UT. Within an hour we were driving up I 15 past Las Vegas. Having spent a couple days there in the past it was not on our list of places to return. It was great fun but not on our “wish list” for this trip. Sorry Robin, we were not able to check out the Harrah's Casino this trip! The setting is so pretty with the high mountain peaks all around the city; but all the houses you see from the interstate look just alike. I did snap a few photos from the car just to prove we were here and we headed north towards St. George UT where we would head east into the RED ROCK COUNTRY.  This area in southern Utah, northern Arizona is some of our favorite!

 We stopped for lunch at a Casino in Mesquite right before passing into Arizona for a few miles. We went inside to get Daniel a Nevada postcard and took a couple photos. Sure did not seem to be very busy – lots of croupiers and dealers standing around doing nothing.  For $79 you could get a room, dinner, breakfast, a show, and a round of golf or time in the spa…too bad it just is not for us!

The Virgin River Canyons soon after crossing into Arizona were really something. Amazing what a huge twisting canyon a small river can carve!

At St. George we turned east and continued to enjoy the scenery.  The buttes and mesas are becoming more pronounced and the rocks are changing colors – red, white, grey, in such pretty layers.

We stopped at the Pipe Springs National Monument for a short break and to get a passport stamp.  We had visited here on a trip in 2000 (I think).  It is now jointly managed by the Kaibab Paiute Indians and the US Park Service.  While I remember the stories about the Mormons who established the settlement and fort – I do not recall as much information on the Indians. The focus of the displays and film now is on the conflict in the mid to late 1800’s between the Paiute Indians, the Mormon Settlers, and the US Government. It must have been a rather traumatic time – as much so as the Civil War in the eastern states.  We had now visited 15 National Parks and Monuments on this trip.

We continued on to Kanab where we are spending the night at Crazy Horse RV Park. It has a fantastic red rock bluff right behind the campsite…just sitting and enjoying the view filled an hour or so!

 We ate dinner at Nedra Too’s – one of the few restaurant dinners we have remembered over the years.  It was very good again - always take a chance when you try to repeat a great experience.. The corn chips were as thin as potato chips and the salsa great.  Jane had a chicken enchilada with a white sauce made with sour cream and chilies. Ben had a beef chimi with chilies and a red enchilada sauce.  Forgot to take photo until meal was half gone! 

After dinner we strolled through a gallery in downtown Kanab where they had all kinds or art - silver boxes, rock art, paintings, and some pottery.  Nice.

Back at camp a little more cliff viewing, photos processed, and a little TV. Tomorrow we will make it to Grand Canyon – the north rim.

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