Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Monehans Sandhills State Park

Sunday May 13, 2012  Mother’s Day

 When we are traveling every 7 – 10 days or whenever the spirit moves us we stay an extra day and just catch-up with ourselves….this is such an unexpected and peaceful place it just called to us to stay - so here it is Sunday night and we have had a quiet restful day. 
Windmill over the dune
 After a lazy breakfast we drove over to the visitor station / museum and familiarized ourselves with the park. There are two picnic areas and the small campground. Last night there were 10-12 units filled – tonight probably 5.  The brochure says they have 50 sites total. 

After hearing about the drilling yesterday, we drove north about 20 miles and there are indeed numerous wells pumping and many drill rigs drilling…a photo would just not do it justice. A pumping well about every 100 – 150 feet as far as you can see on both sides of the roads.  We gave up counting the drill rigs we saw. Most of the huge trucks were parked in lots – no one working today.
Two of numerous wells we saw

We drove to Kermit about 20 miles and then headed back to Monihans. We found a laundramat and washed clothes – had a lunch while they washed and dried.  Then we headed back to camp.  The afternoon was filled with reading, napping, reading, walking, photo taking, and a couple little housekeeping duties….finally about 6 Jane fixed some dinner and we did a little more nothing!
Relaxing afternoon

We met 3 young men camping nearby – one from Maryville TN. They are PhD students from Oklahoma State who were here for the weekend collecting lizards!   They were leaving to head back – delighted in their catch of lizards and snakes.

Sand Sleds available for rent
The wind is blowing at 15 miles per hour and it seems more…weather forecast says maybe a storm so we will close up good for the night. This would be a wonderful place to camp with a family. The children have had lots of fun climbing and sliding on these dunes.  If my back would let me climb up that soft sand – I would love sliding down!

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