Saturday, September 28, 2013

Home Sweet Home

After being gone nearly all of September it is good to be home.  This was an unusual trip - we did so many things scattered through the month that it did not seem like a long trip at all. We went to a family reunion, visited museums,  completed travel on the Historic National Road, were home one day, visited Jeff, Robin, and Daniel, attended Ben's college reunion, and finally spent nearly a week on Hunting Island doing nothing and eating great seafood.

Today when we unload the Sprinter, wash clothes, and give everything a good cleaning it is clear we have been gone a while!  Our tent fly has red dirt from the southwest - that tells us we have not cleaned it in 2 years!  Time for major cleaning and it is a beautiful day for it!

Our trip home was uneventful with nice weather, the last of our South Carolina boiled shrimp for lunch, a great thriller to listen to along the way, an easy grilled steak and baked potato when we got home!  We were able to fit 6 pounds of large and jumbo shrimp into the freezer in the Sprinter for feasting over the next months!

As always it is great to see our southern Appalachian mountains when we return.  Not too sure when we will be traveling next or where we will roam.  Maybe a long weekend somewhere with pretty fall leaves?  Thanks for traveling with us!
Last View of empty Beach at 8:30 AM

View back towards campsites (top of bathhouse barely in view)

Moderate traffic as we approach Asheville NC - Great to see our Appalachians!

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