Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hunting Island

Up early - enjoyed a good breakfast, some great coffee and play time.  This morning Daniel wanted me to build with his blocks.  The main joy is encouraging me to build something and then he gets to knock it down! Thanks for the great visit - Jeff, Robin and Daniel

We left Durham under clearing skies after a night of almost constant rain.  About 30 miles down the road towards Hunting Island the cloud cover returned and stayed with us most of the day.

We had started a Brad Thor terror novel in Kentucky - listened all the way to Kingsport, then on the trip to Durham and it finished about 15 miles from Hunting Island !  A 10 CD book lasts a LONG time!

The drive was uneventful and I did not take one photo.  Ben drove about 90 % of the trip but decided to take a little nap after lunch so I drove probably 100 miles.  Don't mind driving the Sprinter at all just don't like to back it!

We drove into Hunting Island Campground at 3PM just as Ben had predicted.  Our campsite was much closer to the beach and the internet cafe area than last year.  We set up camp and Jane walked to the beach - 250 steps. After cooking a quick dinner Jane walked over to the internet cafe area near the camp store. As you can see it seems to work well...time will tell if it posts photos.  I only  have two photos - been lazy today. Ben is off on his bike exploring and says he wants to see the ocean.  The tide was out when I was there and it was calm and nearly deserted.  Hope we have a little sun but I don't mind the overcast skies. We plan a lazy week here.

Beach in the distance - really low tide

Ben relaxing at Campsite 90, Hunting Island State Park

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