Monday, September 23, 2013

Hunting Island Day 2

What a wonderful night's sleep!  I guess after a couple weeks of mostly on the road our bodies think this is "home"!  We are doing little to nothing as this is our vacation from everything....breakfast, read a bit, walk around the campground loop, read a bit more, eat lunch, laze on the beach, read a little more, drive 3 miles to buy shrimp, walk around the campground loop, cook dinner, walk to the camp store/ wifi hot spot to write this blog.  Ben is doing one thing I have not done - ride the bike to the garbage cans and to explore a little!  But then he did not walk around the campground loop.  I do believe this day will qualify for little or nothing! But it was great!

The weather is perfect - blue skies with a few clouds and temperature in the mid 70's to low 80's. There is just enough breeze to keep the bugs away.

We fixed garlic shrimp pasta with a parmesan cheese sauce along with broiled grouper for dinner.  Ben experimented with lemon, butter and herbs from the great set of travel herbs Robin gave us for Christmas last year.  The pasta was a tried and true recipe.  Both turned out great but having the seafood direct from the boat has a lot to do with it.

I took a few photos today but not many...remember not doing much!  Maybe tomorrow I will try to get a bit more done to remember the trip.

Looking down the road on our campground loop

Storms and ocean are claiming more and more of the trees   

Sea Oats, Sunshine and Sea

Fencing to protect the dunes.  Turtle nest in second zig-zag 

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