Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hunting Island Day 5

We woke up to rain.  We had been waiting for it to rain for 2 days and today it finally did rain and rain it did!  All day long!  Not pouring down hard rain but rain off and on and only about 30 minutes of sunshine. So today was another day when I could succeed at my goal to do nothing!

We ate, slept, read, walked, and completed a few computer tasks.  Ben is completing an article on the Path Grant that he is writing for Wikipedia and Jane actually edited and cleaned up all the photos from the trip and cleaned out email.... about 5 PM we set off for our dining adventure of this trip.  We were going to SweetGrass - the #1 restaurant on St. Helena Island - one with hundreds of excellent reviews on Trip Advisor. It is in the marina on Dataw Island. You must pass through the gates for the Dataw Island Development to reach the restaurant.

Sitting right on the water in a southern plantation style building it met all our expectations!

Sweetgrass Restaurant
The rest of this blog is for any foodies out there - Margaret and Steve these are for you! Hope you enjoy half as much as we did!

For starters we had Low Country Clams - in a butterbean, proscuitto, and wine sauce - Very good.
and Fried Green Tomatoes Napoleon - they had a cheese crab stuffing between the layers and a red pepper jelly sauce - A perfect blend of flavors!!  Super excellent!
Low Country Clams

Fried Green Tomatoes Napoleon

Then for the main course - Ben had fried seafood - scallops, shrimp, and oysters accompanied by broccoli  with blue cheese topping.  It was done to perfection.  And Jane had Seafood Schnitzel (it was mahi-mahi tonight) with a lemon, caper, wine sauce.  It was really really good.

Seafood  Schnitzel

Seafood with Broccoli

To top it off there was a great sunset as we headed back to camp.  This place will get a super excellent review in our book!   I feel like I am writing a food channel blog tonight.

Tomorrow the sun will be out and we head home! Our goals for this trip were to do nothing and eat seafood..... we succeeded!

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