Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Kingsport to Indianapolis

On the road to Jane’s Nesmith cousin family reunion!  We will combine this trip to Iowa with the last half of the Historic National Road that we began earlier this summer. It was a beautiful morning and we got an early  (8 AM)start to drive the nearly 400 miles to Indianapolis IN. The day was going to be primarily driving and listening to a book on CD so the story is told mainly in photos!

Over Bays Mountain leaving Kingsport

Quick breakfast on the road.

Cherokee Lake as full as we have seen it thanks to our wet summer.

East TN from atop Clinch Mountain

Historic Cumberland Gap

6 Tunnel

Cumberland Gap Tunnel

Beautiful Horse Farm near Lexington KY

10 Visitor Ctr

Lunch Stop at a KY Rest Stop – flags at half mast for 9-11 and most of visitor center closed for sequestration. Restrooms only part open.

11 Cincinnati OH

Only part of Cincinnati we saw as we skirted the city to the south.

12 Indiana Farm

IN farm with tall corn – much taller than our TN variety

We found our way to a Comfort Inn south of Indianapolis and stopped for the day about 3:30.  It had been an uneventful day with one exception. The GPS took us off the Interstate just after crossing the Ohio River into Indiana.  We believe it was taking us the shortest route which may have included this 15 mile trip on IN Route 1 through some beautiful farmland.  We even passed a road that went to the “South Slopes Ski Resort”. Can’t help wondering how high the Ski lift could have been in this fairly flat farmland!

With few choices for dinner without getting in the Sprinter; we walked across the parking lot to a Denny’s and had a surprisingly good dinner.   

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