Sunday, October 2, 2016

Bryce Canyon UT to Kanab UT

Sunday October 2, 2016

This day did not go exactly as planned but it was a very good restful day – we are on vacation after all.  There was about 30 minutes of hard rain last night right after we went to bed.  Ben did not hear anything but I heard the rain hard on the metal roof of the Sprinter.  We were nice and cozy warm inside with the temperature dropping to 40 during the night. 

During breakfast this morning we were discussing the next few days of our trip.  With the temperatures this low we were concerned about camping in the campground at the North Rim of Grand Canyon with no electricity – I had been considering what I could easily cook on the gas stove but had not thought about the temperature….good thing Ben did.  We called and got a reservation in the National Park Lodging – in a motel room with heat!  Also got part of our fee back for canceling the camping spots.  Good decision and maybe someone can use our spots!
Huge Camp store

Entering Bryce Canyon
We had been to Bryce Canyon once before – on the 2002 trip but liked it so were going back this morning.  We again waited in line to enter but when we got to the Visitor Center there were no parking places and it was a zoo with people everywhere.  3 Tour Busses and ever so many vehicles and people…we did not want to be fighting for parking spots to view the hoo-doos so turned around and left.  I have said before there is certainly no shortage of people almost everywhere we have been. 

We continued on our westward journey on UT 12.  We were now in a red rock area and we got a few photos of some “almost” hoo-doos as we journeyed west. There were also several tunnels cut through the red rock.

almost a hoo-doo

After about 30 miles we came to the terminus of UT 12 and were on US 89 south to Kanab.  For the record we saw two more presidential political signs today – a Gary Johnson yard sign and a hand painted billboard for Jill Stein.  Interesting – no others for any recent days.  Lots of local candidate signs but not presidential ones.

We continued south through beautiful farmland, areas being developed as second home sites, and small towns with Mormon churches, a few businesses and neat homes. We saw the first red trees and the yellow at this elevation is cottonwood instead of aspen.  
Nice Color

We got to Kanab about noon and got one of the few sites left in the RV Park Jane had selected - Kanab RV Corral.  After lunch we got out the maps and reviewed our next week or so of travel.  Changing from two nights to one at Grand Canyon meant we had an extra day before our hotel reservation at Monument Valley. A phone call confirmed we could not move the reservation up a night so we will plan two nights in Page or somewhere else in that area.  And we rerouted ourselves to visit the Indian Ruins in Aztec instead of going to Gallup. 

The internet here is relatively good, the campsite is quiet, and we are well pleased with our selection. So we had some time to rest and clean up the Sprinter. The elevation here is back down lower - about 6,000 feet.  The sun is shining and it is in the 70’s with no wind.  Felt good to sit in the sun.  Jane has no breathing difficulty at all now.  Even with the medicine for 5 days – the 10,000 feet at times yesterday caused some issues but nothing like in Colorado. 

Middle of the afternoon we thought we would explore Kanab.  This town seems to have lost some of its luster and vibrancy.  Along with Moab, it was a favorite movie location in the years past.  Don’t believe Kanab has been in the game in recent years.  We visited their “Little Hollywood Museum” which is mainly a collection of buildings from movie sets of past years.  It really looks a little sad.  There was a write-up on a stunt woman who had been very active – we wondered if she were the driving force behind the place and died – then no one cared.  They had a lot of Route 66 materials to sell and when we asked why – they said it was not “too far away” and that Kanab had been one of the towns used as model for the movie Cars.  We visited the town in TX with the restored gas station used in the film.  Kanab they say has the tee-pee used in the movie.  Can’t say I recall a tee-pee but perhaps there was one.  We looked around in several galleries and gift shops – some nice things but nothing exciting and not very many people.  Of course we realized it is Sunday afternoon. The hotels do not have no vacancy signs as the ones did in Bryce last night! 

For dinner we made a short 2 block drive to Nedra 2’s.  Ben had been wanting Mexican food and we have visited Nedra 2’s on both of our previous visits to Kanab. It continues to be good although not as outstanding as we remembered.  Taco Salad for Jane and Machaca for Ben.  The Machaca is a northern Mexican dish with shredded lean beef cooked with tomatoes, onions, green chilies, cilantro and egg.  We both thought it was very good.  For the few people we saw shopping at 4:00 the restaurant was full at 6:00!

Back to camp and hopefully post the blog and watch a movie.  There is a movie house here showing old westerns – but not on Sunday night!

 photos later  

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