Sunday, October 16, 2016

Cookeville TN to HOME !!!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Today was the final leg of our journey home…it was fairly uneventful but did have a couple delays. First a wreck that held us up for about 30 minutes and then the “gameday” traffic in Knoxville as today was the Tennessee vs Alabama game. Surprisingly cars were not as decorated as we saw one other time we were driving through Knoxville on a "gameday". 
UT Car

UT Limo

Lone AL car we saw - note the dirt on window!

We did have nice sunshine for the trip today as opposed to the rain of yesterday.  We were expecting nice color in the trees but there was surprisingly only a smattering of red and yellow on the hillsides. There were a few nice hillsides of color when we crossed the Cumberland Plateau near Crossville and that was it. 
A bit of color on Cumberland Plateau

The only stop we made was in Knoxville at one of Ben’s spots to get the Sprinter a bath – we had a lot of red and brown dirt from our past month of driving around the southwest.  As I sat inside the van during the washing, I watched lots of red water running across the windows.  We rolled into Colonial Heights about 2 PM to see our maple trees just beginning to turn.  The color in these trees - pink and yellow – are one of my favorite times in our yard!  So glad we did not miss it! 

We unloaded part of our gear but left most for tomorrow.  Nice to relax at home.  Hope to post the end of the blog tomorrow and then will face correcting the issues with Windows 10 in my computer.  Ever since Moab I have been typing the blog and processing photos on my computer, transferring to a jump drive and posting from Ben’s computer.  Evidently there is some kind of glitch in Windows 10 that locked my computer in airplane mode so I was unable to access wireless internet at all.  Got to do some sort of fix and if it does not work then do a back-up and reinstall something.  I was able to get on line with ethernet and we hope the Dell folks can fix it remotely…what a pain!  

Wonderful trip – perhaps more on that later – if you remember our goals were Aspens, Red Rocks, and Indian Pueblos.  We certainly succeeded in seeing those three things!  And got home with no major issues other than the short delay for Jane’s hospital visit early in the trip. Not ready to go anywhere else for a week or so…  

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