Sunday, October 16, 2016

Little Rock AR to Cookeville TN

Friday, October 14, 2016

What a day!  Woke up to rain.  Ben had heard the thunder in the night – me nothing.  So the day progressed.  Rain as we left North Little Rock.  Rain as we passed by what we think were fields of rice.  Arkansas grows 49% of the rice grown in the US.  Rain as we crossed the Mississippi into Tennessee.

Rain as we drove past cotton fields in west Tennessee.  Rain as we stopped in Jackson at Isabella’s Louisiana Bistro for what Jane wanted for lunch a po’boy sandwich.  We both had a bowl of gumbo and half a catfish po’boy.  Very tasty.  The place was a bit hard to find and maybe not been open too long.  Found it on Trip Advisor as closest and best seafood place in Jackson that was near 140. 


Catfish Po'boy

Rain as we continued on towards Nashville. We were 55 minutes from the beginning of Metro Nashville (20 miles west) to the end of Metro Nashville (20 miles east).  Bumper to bumper traffic but mostly it kept moving.  About 10 miles after the traffic returned to normal we ran into a parking lot between Mt. Juliet and Lebanon.  Seems 2 tractor trailers had some sort of altercation as we saw them both hooked up to wreckers when we finally passed the site.  Complicating the mess was the narrowing of I 40 from 4 lanes east to 2 lanes east.  Another hour at least moving very slowly.

Finally at 5:45 we pulled into our motel in Cookeville and ordered a pizza.  Don’t think we have ever done that before but with two bottles of beer from the refrigerator in the Sprinter it tasted pretty good!  Since Jane chose lunch spot it was Ben’s turn for supper and after his day driving in rain and horrible traffic he deserved to have his food delivered to him! 

At least 400 of 430 miles of today’s driving was in rain. The only thing that made the wreck traffic somewhat tolerable was it had quit the hard rain.  The rain is now catching up to us – here is hoping it gets blown somewhere so we do not have it again all day tomorrow!

Looking forward to getting home tomorrow!

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