Saturday, October 1, 2016

Moab Day 1

September 28, 2016  

Got up and debated what we would do today.  We really needed a catch-up day.  When we came in last night they could only give us 2 nights and we wanted to stay 3 nights – one day to catch-up and a second to go to Arches and several other places.  

This morning Ben was able to negotiate a 3rd night for us by changing camp sites.  No biggie for us and it will be better situated than this one we are in now – so we got our catch-up day. 

An interesting thing about the folks camped around us – there are a large number of CruiseAmerica and RV 4 Rent  vehicles as seen in photo below.  Today I spoke with our neighbors – the group of about 40 individuals in 20 rented RV’s are on a 3 week trip around the southwest.  They are all from Denmark – arrived in Los Angeles about 2 weeks ago and have one more week of their tour.  They seem to be having a great time.  Tonight they have put all the picnic tables from all the sites together and are having a big group dinner.  Ben just went over to take their group photo for them.
Our campsite at sunset

The Danish Campers 

Now back to our day – laundry too up most of the morning.  First time I ever saw washers and dryers with credit card machines on them!  I had emptied all our quarters into a bag before we left home and used nearly $8 in quarters to do two loads of laundry!

My goal for today was to catch up on writing the blog and transferring photos to the computer.  It is not a big job when done 1 day at a time but I was 3 days behind….first evening in Durango we were out with our friends, second day in Durango I was not feeling great, and third day we did not get here to Moab until 6 after a long day and I was lazy… so today I spent a few hours catching up. Got it all done but we have not been able to get the internet to work…tomorrow since it is all written and photos ready I can post in less than an hour if I can get logged on!  If we traveled more I would invest in a personal hot-spot.

Ben read a lot and took a nap.  He said he did not feel bad just was tired out….by the end of the afternoon we were both feeling ready to get out a bit and headed into Moab for dinner.  We chose Singha Authentic Thai Cuisine.  Wow did we choose a winner!  For my foodie friends and my poor memory – we had Tom Kha (coconut) Soup; and 3 appetizers – Satay, Crab Rangoon, and Seafood Dumplings with Ginger Sauce.  All were outstanding and filled us up.  Then because they had an extensive tea menu and an entire wall of glass bottles of the various teas – we tried Mangosteen with matcha tea – it was served in a beautiful cast iron pot!  To accompany the tea Ben had Coconut with Almond Ice Cream and Jane had Sticky Rice with Mango in a Coconut sauce. It was super great dinner!
Coconut Soup

Satay and Crab Rangoon

Seafood Dumplings with Ginger Sauce

Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango 

Beautiful and HEAVY cast iron tea pot

Tonight I am writing the blog so I do not get behind again! 

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