Friday, October 7, 2016

Page - Lake Powell

Thursday October 6, 2016

Plans for the day were simple and we got started on the list about 10 AM.  First to Page Hardware to find screws to fix one of the fold down beds in the Sprinter.  Never in my life have I seen so many screws – nails etc.  The gentleman who checked us out said they had 35,000 items in the store plus all the lumber.  They were certainly an all-purpose store for hunters, builders, campers etc.
Page Hardware

Next we headed to Horseshoe Bend – there are three major things to do in Page – Slot Canyons – done that- Lake Powell – done that and Horseshoe Bend…so we thought we would take it in…. we had seen the parking lot when we came into town yesterday and it was busy today as well.  Made it up the first large hill and across to the top of the mesa to see that we had to go down a long way and hike another good ways to reach the final overlook…well Jane knew she could probably get down the 3nd hill but was not at all sure about making it back up…so we took some photos from the first viewpoint and just had to admit that our 74 year old knees and limbs were not up to the entire trip.
Hike up that hill to Horseshoe Bend

It's a clear day and you can see forever

Third on our list was grocery store, and they had a nice Safeway.  Got the few things on our list and picked up some deli things for dinner - baked chicken, twice baked potato, and some tomato/dill/feta/cucumber salad that looked good. 
Back to camp for lunch.  After lunch Jane took the computer down the road a ways to the porch of the restroom where there was 5 bar WIFI and updated the blog.  Got almost done and the battery on the computer ran out.  Keeping the blog up to date has proved to be a bit more difficult this trip.  If we traveled more I think I would look for another solution.

Ben worked on his repairs to the bed and we also enjoyed sitting in the warm sunshine and doing nothing.  By late afternoon we headed down to the Wahweep Marina to look around and take a few photos.  The marina is full of huge houseboats.  The boat ramp is probably 100 feet wide… we watched one or two boats come in and they looked very small against the ramp.  The resort includes a significant number of motel type rooms, a restaurant, a bar, a nice gift shop, and huge tour facilities.  This was where we left on our boat trip to Rainbow Bridge on our last visit here.  This is all in addition to the large campground, boat rentals, picnic grounds, and probably other things we did not even discover.  The beauty of course is the landscape and bright blue waters of Lake Powell.
Rocks and Houseboats

More Rocks and Houseboats
View from our campground

Back at camp we had dinner and researched campgrounds in the Aztec NM area.  The one we called that we found yesterday had no room and it will be Saturday night when we arrive – found 4 more that will work so we will call tomorrow hoping to find space.  Watching another Horatio Hornblower Movie tonight.


Cliffs reflect the sunset

Nice down day – but we are on vacation!

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