Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dallas - Bush Library Museum and Ennis Blue Bonnets

We slept until 8 AM when Ben’s phone rang.  Being the only campers in an entire area makes for quiet sleeping.  The sky was gray but no rain expected – so we ate our wonderful kolaches from the Village Bakery and enjoyed leisurely cups of coffee and a walk around the loop.  There were already 3 sets of fishermen out on the lake.  We have certainly not missed out on any sleep on this vacation!

By 9:30 we were on our way into Ennis to get information on the Blue Bonnet Trails. They have a north and a south loop mapped out with a nice map and they say there are signs so you can’t get lost…there were two busloads of seniors coming in to the visitor center just as we left – seems they have been busy for weeks with visitors. 

There was not going to be sunshine today so we headed north about 35 miles to Dallas to visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library.  We have worked to avoid cities on this trip but it was unavoidable if we wanted to visit this museum. 
Dallas in Gray Fog
There was surprisingly light traffic up I 45 through Dallas to I 75 and our exit a SMU.  We drove right into the parking area, got parked and were in the Library-Museum in no time.  
George W. Bush Library and Museum
The exhibits were excellent and certainly brought back memories of times gone by – many that were very emotional – 911 and Katrina were both extremely difficult for our country. 
From 9 11

There was an exact to scale replica of the Oval Office.  I took photos but even tho they would photograph you or you could take your own photo at the President’s Desk – just did not seem right to sit there.  The room was smaller than I had expected or perhaps it was because there were a number of people in it. 

There were a variety of exhibits – serious, informational, as well as several that were funny.  One the daughters narrated that included lots of funny photos of their Dad was cute.  Technology was used throughout the exhibits.  One that was especially interesting was the Decision Points exhibit that discussed several of the difficult situations George Bush faced during his presidency.  Everyone in the room had a monitor and first voted on which situation to discuss….the majority of our group selected Katrina.   So Katrina was our situation.  Each of us had to use the monitor to listen to various opinions and information on our screens, occasionally we were interrupted on a big screen with updates on the situation. Then we had to vote on what we would decide to do- then last we were given the decision Bush made and why.  Certainly made you look at all sides of the situation. 
We had an excellent lunch at the 43 Café just outside the Library and returned to finish the exhibits. By about 2:00 we were finished and headed back through Dallas towards Ennis.  The sky had remained gray all  day and as we checked weather it was not going to be any better tomorrow- in fact might be worse.  So we checked the map and got off the Interstate at the northern end of one of the bluebonnet loops and drove it backwards towards Ennis.  We were not expecting much to be honest and were blown away with the fields of bluebonnets.  There were so many that we could even smell them – sort of like a heavy honeysuckle smell but very pleasant.  We enjoyed the drive and the flowers and scenery. 

In fact we even finished the southern loop too.  Finishing up about 4:15 back in Ennis at the Kolache Depot Bakery for more kolaches to have for breakfast tomorrow!

Back at camp we relaxed a while and cooked dinner – I brought 4 dinners to cook – my one pot variety for camping but we have had so much leftover BBQ that I have not needed to prepare any dinners until tonight! 
We had expected this campground to be filled for the weekend when we drove back in – still not one other camper in our loop.  As I am tying this at 8:30 two other groups have arrived so we will not be alone tonight.  The sites are spaced well though so we do not feel at all crowded like in some private RV parks.  Since it is probably going to rain tomorrow and we have driven the trails we are going to head home a day early.  Ben has a big inspection mid-week and this will give him a day to rest up from the driving.

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