Saturday, April 18, 2015

Starting Home - Ennis TX to Jackson MS

Hard rain during the night!  About 10:30 several additional campers came in and set up camps.  Surprisingly when we were out for a few minutes and were amazed to see the sky lit up with lights from Dallas.  We then closed up for the night and the rain began shortly after.  Going to sleep with the rain on the metal roof is not a problem at all.

Dallas lights at High View Campground

This morning some of the campers from last night were gone - guess the rain did them in - but we had 4 other campers for the weekend.  It was clear when we got up but by the time we were leaving Ennis at 9:00 clouds were beginning to roll in.  I don;t believe I mentioned the bluebonnets at our campground.  They were blooming in most of the open fields in the park.
Blue bonnets at High View COE Park

 We headed northeast on TX 34 towards I 20 and our destination Jackson MS.

There were still some wildflowers along the interstate but primarily crimson clover and paintbrush - nothing to take photos of compared with yesterday.
Back to our book - we finished one book and started on John Gresham's Gray Mountain. Interesting book about coal mining in the Appalachian Mountains.

We stopped at an interesting spot for lunch - Counter Culture in Ruston Louisiana,  We had some excellent cajun soup and yogert.  Strange lunch you may say but it was tasty and we did not want anything heavy.

We caught up with the rain from last night and drove in rain most of the afternoon arriving about 3:30 in Jackson and our hotel room.  We did not see any restaurants near us that looked interesting so we drove to the nearby Cracker Barrel. Always easy to find something to eat there.

An early evening with posting the blog and maybe watching the news - have not really seen any news in a week! Nice vacation!

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