Saturday, April 11, 2015

Longview TX to Fredericksburg TX

We have made it to the Bluebonnets and BBQ!  And every expectation is met!
Leaving our hotel about 8:30 our first stop was at a nearby McDonald's for a bit of breakfast.  We had forgotten that the extended stay hotels, while usually very nice do not have problem there was a McDonald's for a quick cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

We entered Fredericksburg in the GPS hoping it would take us on a non-interstate route. We were driving cross country on US31 to Tyler, several small towns, and then to Waco.  In Waco we set the GPS for Llano and then to Fredericksburg.

By the time we neared Waco the flowers began - first some paintbrush, then poppies, then a yellow daisy like flower, a type of phlox and then the bluebonnets!  I find it difficult to choose between the paintbush and the bluebonnets for a favorite.  The further south we came the more flowers! They covered most of the right of way along the roadways and often spilled over into the fields.  Sometimes entire fields were pink, blue, yellow or a combination.  We stopped for lunch at a picnic area and Ben walked over to check out the flowers.  He came back to say there were at least 10 different flowers around his feet.

By mid afternoon we reached Llano and decided to stop at Cooper's BBQ one of the best in TX according to many and pick-up our dinner.  It is about 40 miles from Fredericksburg to Llano and we had planned to head there one evening for dinner but this would save us 80 miles and we were here.  It was about 3 PM and there was a line the length of the building.  We got in line and chatted with folks from several parts of TX as we waited.  Not certain how long we were in line but I believe we were there about an hour, in line, picking out our meats, side dishes, and such.  At Cooper's you first stop at the "pit" and select your meats.  We got some brisket, pork loin, and pork ribs - enough for two or three meals.  Then with your portion chopped off of huge slabs of meat they put it on a tray you move inside where it is weighed. You then pick out any side dishes you want.  We managed to select only 3 meats - there was also sausage, turkey, chicken, steaks, prime rib, and others...hard to choose! Finally you reach the cashier and she tallies up your bill.

Many people are eating there at long tables - beans and sauce are "free" so we filled up some containers and got everything stored away in the frig and hit the road south.  The flowers continued to increase in numbers and we had spoken with several folks in the line who had been driving around looking at flowers today so made note of roads to drive on another day.

It began to rain a little and the sky turned gray - not so good for photos.  We made it to Fredericksburg RV Park and when Ben went in to register they greeted him by name - he wondered how they knew him - turns out we were the last folks with a reservation to arrive and filled the very last spot!  We had stayed here a night or two on our last visit and remembered they had good spaces, good utilities, good restrooms, and good internet and TV.  Everything you need right!

We got set up and pulled out the BBQ.  It was as good as we remembered from our last visit if not better.  We are only a few sites from the Recreation and Restroom building.  The recreation room has lots of tables and chairs so I am sitting here writing the blog.  Also a great carpeted floor for my exercises- just like home.  Ben is getting his TV to work as the cable in each RV park is a bit different.

The internet connection is not doing too well so I am not certain about pictures.  I will try.  Looking for even better ones on future days.

Tomorrow the WWII Museum of the Pacific and a live fire reinactment.  I forgot the earplugs...but that is so far the only thing forgotten.

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