Friday, April 10, 2015

Rain, Miles and Sunshine

We woke to thunder and rain, lots of rain!  On the road by 8:15 we were in and out of rain most of the morning as we cross the rest of Alabama and all of Mississippi.  Winter and brown grass and trees were left far behind us.  As we drove along listening to our books on tape - finished one from yesterday and began a second - we commented that Alabama must have the worst roads in the country...then we entered Mississippi and thought it was a tie,  Louisiana was some better and Texas is the best by far.

In Vicksburg MS we stopped for lunch.  We had been to the Vicksburg Nat'l Park at least once so passed that by.  I was in the mood for a shrimp po'boy sandwich and read Trip Advisor for some suggestions.  Always looking for an unusual experience we chose The Klondyke Trading Post which had Po'boys but also the special of the day Catfish on rice with a Crawfish Cajun Sauce.. reviewers said it was not to be we gave it a try.  The location was indeed nothing to look at but the parking lot was full which was a good sign.

The GPS took us right to the address down on the levee but a couple blocks away from all the fancy downtown addresses, shops, hotels, and restaurants, - and was the catfish ever good.

As you can see it was served on styrofoam plates but it was excellent - you wanted to lick the plate to get all the sauce!

Back on I 20 again we crossed the great Mississippi and began our trek across Louisiana.  The rain finally stopped but it remained cloudy until we crossed the Red River at Shreveport and finally made it to Texas. Then we had bright sunshine and a beautiful sunset.

Our 500 mile day ended about 5:30 in Longview TX where we had reservations at a new Suburban Extended Stay Hotel which was on a road new since we updated the GPS software...oops. We found it by using Google Maps on the i-phone.  More than one way to find your way these days!

Great dinner at a Cheddars not far from our hotel and on Eastman Road!  Cheddars in Kpt is on Eastman Road too!

Steve and Margaret we thought about you at lunch and dinner as the Master's was on big screen TV's during both our meals.

We saw lots of Indian Paint Brush along the highway this afternoon. Throughout the day there were many wildflowers in bloom along the highway - black thistles, primrose, spiderwort and others we could not identify from the van, Tomorrow we should see our first bluebonnets and get into our camping mode.

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