Tuesday, April 21, 2015


We arrived home at noon on Monday. Pleasant drive from Chattanooga.  Obviously there had been a lot of rain late yesterday and overnight as all the creeks were high.  One exit was closed for flooding.  Our total mileage was about 3,000 miles.  The other measurements are of the priceless variety - beautiful flowers seen and enjoyed; enjoyed visit with friends; and lots of great food eaten.  Another measurement is 5 loads of laundry - we usually wash every 9-10 days when on the road but since this trip was about 2 weeks we packed not to do laundry - worked fine!

Glad to get home in time to enjoy our dogwoods.  Think they are as pretty as they have ever been.  Quite a few flowers blooming too. Oh my the grass and weeds have certainly grown in 2 weeks! Good to be home.

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