Saturday, April 18, 2015

Lockhart TX to Ennis TX Thursday

Quiet night and sleeping was great.  We left camp and headed to the McDonalds so that Ben could send a couple work emails and Jane could post the blog.  Last long trip we were on, McDonalds WIFI did not work where ever we were, – today it worked great.  A cup of coffee and 30 minutes of internet work and we drove back to Smitty’s.  Ben has a friend that begged him to bring some brisket to him – so we stopped and brought brisket and some links to put in the freezer – and since we were doing it anyway why not some for ourselves!  We came in a different way and saw the large smokestack on the back of the market.

Into the GPS went the address of High View COE Park near Ennis and off we went.  We programmed it to take back roads so we did not have to follow the interstates all the way.  We drove through Elgin, Taylor, and Temple.  Stopped for lunch under a tree in front of a Lutheran Church in a little town and then took I 35 right through the center of Waco.  There were Bluebonnets, Paintbrush, and Indian blanket as well as other wild flowers along the road.  Really pretty drive through rolling pasture land. Primarily ranches with corn and cattle.  Ben thought it was strange to see a cowboy riding along on his horse talking on his cell. 

One of the disadvantages of not being on interstates is occasionally you get behind something strange - we were behind 3 very long tractor trailers with bridge trusses for some time.  Finally they left but only after blocking the entire intersection for about 10 minutes.  I would not want to be driving one of those trucks.

Just north of Waco in the small town of West we stopped at the Village Bakery.  This is an area of Texas settled by the Czech and the Village Bakery was established in 1952 and claims to be the oldest Czech Bakery in Texas.  It has quite the reputation so it was on “the list” of places to stop.  My photo is poor but the baked goods are fantastic.  Jane has Apricot Kolache and Apple Strudel.  Ben has Strawberry Kolache and a Cherry Buchta – we only tasted as they are tomorrow’s breakfast!  Well Ben also had a Blueberry Scone that he ate on the road. Glenda you would have loved this place!

Just past West we left I 35 and headed east towards Ennis arriving at High View about 3 PM.  Our campsite is on a thin bit of land jutting out into Lake Bardwell.  We are right on the edge of the water in a lovely site.  There are two parts of the campground – one for larger RV’s with 50 amp power and then the area with 30 amp power.  We selected the 30 amp area and are the only people in the 15 campsite area.  So we have a quiet area with no one to share the nice bathhouse with!

About 4:30 we saw the sky getting very black – the wind blew hard – lightening all around us – there was some rain and lots of whitecaps on the previously peaceful lake.  After about an hour it was gone and the sun came back out.  There remains some wind and the temperature is much cooler than last night.

Supper was leftover Cooper’s Brisket and beans with one sausage link from Smitty’s.  Excellent the second time around! 

We made a thorough search to find the lost items and found them both in the trash can!  Luckily they were in the trash can in the front that had only some empty water bottles and a few other things in it.  How we did that I do not know – Jane’s chambray shirt and Ben’s bottle of TUMS !!!

Wrote the blog and will watch a movie from Ben’s computer and read tonight.

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